How to Light a Pre-Rolled Joint

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There’s a first time for everything. And if it’s your first time lighting a pre-roll, you might find that it’s not quite as easy as others make it look. Uneven burn, scorching hot inhales, and the cough-fest that follows can make it all look like an embarrassing mess.

But hey, we’ve all been there. So before you toss the pre-rolled joints out in favor of CBD gummies and oils, consider trying these tips to perfect your pre-roll game.


How to Light a CBD Pre-Roll Joint

You would think that the process entails nothing more than simply burning the tip. But there’s a delicate art to achieving the perfect burn. Try these tips the next time you have a pre-roll to make sure you get the most out of your joint.

Practice Proper Lighting Technique

You can’t just hold up a joint’s end against a flame and hope for the best. Uneven burning is all too real and may cause unnecessary waste as the joint’s integrity is lost and bits of unburnt plant material crumble to the floor.

The best way to light your joint would be to hold it horizontally with just the little twisted tip touching the flame. Roll the joint between your fingers so that the flames lick all sides of that little nub.

The purpose of this is to prevent a single side from burning up all the way before the rest of the end gets lit. You can also try gently blowing on the rolled tip to encourage the embers to burn up more evenly.

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Do Not Puff on the Pre-Roll While Lighting

For the record, it’s not a cigarette. So while you might puff on your cig to get that burn going, it’s not exactly standard practice with a pre-roll. This stuff burns much faster than a cigarette. So puffing on it could speed up the burn, use up plant material, and reduce the actual smoke you get out of the joint.

Again, simply blowing on the pre-rolls end should be more than enough to stabilize the burn. Short, quick breaths that excite the embers should work just fine to achieve a steady yet controlled burn.

Inhale Slowly and Steadily

There’s no need to rush. A lot of people find themselves hurrying to finish a pre-roll because of how fast it sometimes burns. And that’s why it’s so important to practice proper lighting techniques because it prevents the pre-roll from burning at a faster pace than you can handle.

When it’s finally time to smoke up your joint, pucker your lips around the other end and gently inhale. This initial inhale might not provide much smoke since the burn probably hasn’t been drawn into the joint just yet.

After the first draw, position your lips again and inhale using your diaphragm. Relying too much on your throat for an inhale could result in a coughing fit. Make sure you draw the smoke into your lungs and avoid keeping it just in your mouth.

You’ll know you’ve had a proper inhale if you exhale deeply and continue to release smoke. If you’ve inhaled barely just into your mouth, your throat will likely feel irritated and you’d run out of smoke after just a few seconds of exhaling.

image of inhale pre roll joint slowly and steadily

Why Is It Important to Properly Light a Pre-Rolled Joint?

Everyone probably has a different method when it comes to smoking a pre-roll, and that’s totally okay. But just for the record, avoiding any pre-roll faux pas will help preserve the integrity of your joint and improve your overall experience.

Remember that pre-rolls provide a measured dose of CBD. So if anything goes to waste because of poor lighting practice, then you could be losing a significant amount of hemp leaving you with an insufficient dose.

Here’s why it’s important to properly light your pre-roll:

  • Provides a more stable, controlled, and even burn
  • Ensures that every gram of hemp is properly burned and used
  • Prevents the need to rush through the smoking session
  • Improves the overall effects you get out of your pre-roll dose
  • Reduces the chances of throat irritation and coughing

With proper technique, you should find that pre-rolls provide the best experience and highest potency without costing a fortune. All things considered, smoking still reigns supreme as the best way to enjoy CBD versus edibles and other fad formulations.


Time to Get Lit

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Not everyone has had experiences with pre-rolls, and that’s okay. If you struggling to fully enjoy your pre-rolled CBD joints, then there might be a few kinks in your method that could use improvement.

Try these tactics to optimize your pre-rolled joint smoking sessions and puff like a pro the next time you break out your coveted pre-rolls.

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