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Buy High-CBD Industrial Hemp Clones

IHF LLC is the top high-CBD hemp clone wholesaler in Colorado Springs. We currently produce over one-thousand industrial hemp clones per day. High-CBD hemp seeds, both unfeminized and feminized are also for sale at our facility in Colorado Springs. If you are interested to buy hemp clones, please reach out to a member of our sales team immediately as our premium hemp clones move fast.

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High-CBD Hemp Clones

High CBD Hemp clones, mother plants and mini-mothers for sale in Colorado

High CBD Hemp clones, mother plants and mini-mothers for sale in Colorado

IHF LLC can supply high-CBD bulk hemp clones at the cheapest prices. Currently, we produce over 1000 CBD industrial hemp clones each and every day and are increasing this supply in 2019. We also produce regular mother plants and mini mothers.

Our clones and hemp plants are the best quality at the cheapest prices that will produce high-CBD content industrial grade hemp biomass for CBD crude, distillate or isolate extraction. Currently, we offer high-CBD hemp mother plants, mini mother plants and clones for sale. Please contact us to arrange a sales call or tour of our hemp cloning facility in Colorado

Click here to email IHF about wholesale plants | Call IHF Sales: 800-985-9587

Mother hemp plants for sale

IHF LLC offers premium high-CBD hemp mother plants for sale in bulk. Our mother plants are grown directly in our nursery on a 24-hour light cycle. These mother clones are grown specifically for their high level of CBD content. The mother plants for sale are perfect for cloning and are bred with strong genetics to fight off diseases and insects. To learn more about our mother clones, please contact us.

Mini mother hemp plants for sale

We also offer a selection of high-CBD mini mother plants. These plants are smaller than our regular mother plants but bred with the same genetics and high CBD potency. They are perfect for growing high-CBD industrial hemp. We will be happy to supply a quote and would love to have you come see our facility at any time. Please reach out to the IHF LLC sales team for more information about our mini mother hemp plants for sale. We offer bigger discounts for bulk purchases.

Regular high-CBD hemp clones

Our hemp clones are the most affordable. If you are looking for high-CBD industrial hemp clones, please reach out to us. We also offer hemp futures contracts and profit sharing. Our clones are produced with the utmost care and quality. We have a ton of regular hemp clones, hemp seeds and a limited supply of mother and mini-mother plants available for purchase now. Please reach out to us now to learn more.

Current CBD Hemp Clones Available

Don’t want to pay for the hemp clones or seeds?

Please reach out to a member of our sales team if you want us to supply the clones and seeds. We own a 300-acre farm in Colorado and have just acquired another 400 acres of hemp farming land. We are always interested to expand and partner with the right hemp farmers. We will negotiate a profit split with you and supply the hemp clones and seeds in exchange for an agreeable split of the harvest. This is a great solution for hemp farmers on a tight budget.

IHF LLC currently has 90,000 kg of unfeminized hemp seed available and tens of thousands of high CBD hemp clones. Contact us now to enquire.