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Hempvada CBD Vendor Review | Benefits Coupons and Usages

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Hempvada review

Hempvada is a family-run hemp farm and CBD manufacturing company. Although it only entered the market in 2018, the Beebee family claims to have long-standing ties to the Emerald Triangle, the country’s largest region for cannabis production. They pride themselves on being experts in cannabinoids and their health benefits. This know-how has helped them establish the Hempvada brand.

When it comes to its products, quality assurance is the brand’s main priority. Hempvada products are created from pure hemp grown on the family’s farm in Antonito, Colorado. They are free from chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. All products are also specially formulated to complement the customer’s daily lifestyle. Apart from the usual CBD edibles, oils, and smokable flowers, the Hempvada brand offers a separate collection of bath and beauty CBD products. The product lineup includes bath bombs, facial moisturizers, beard oil, and sea salt scrub.

Apart from high-quality products, Hempvada harps on having a holistic customer approach. For one, it offers reliable customer support through email, text, and social media platforms. The company also assures customers of secure payment options and fast shipping.

Top Products 

Hempvada has a large collection of functional CBD products for everyday use. To shop its products with ease, the Hempvada website shows an overview of product categories, as well as a section for customer favorites.

CBD Tincture Products

Hempvada’s CBD oil and tinctures come in 11 variants, each offering different concentrations, extract levels, and flavors. Some are also promoted to give unique benefits, such as improving focus, boosting immunity, and soothing the body. All oil and tincture products are created in small batches in the company’s facility.

  • CBD oil tincture natural
  • Iso CBD oil tincture
  • CBD pet drops

Hemp Flower Products

Another top seller is the brand’s hemp flower products, which you can purchase raw or pre-rolled. They are grown on the family’s Colorado farm and tested by third-party laboratories.

  • Premium Select CBD Hemp Flower
  • Premium CBD Hemp Flower Pounds

CBD Topical Products

Hempvada offers a variety of topical products other than the typical CBD creams you see in the market. Its collection includes beauty and bath products for you to incorporate throughout your daily routine. The product range includes:

Hempvada products

What People Are Saying

Testimonials from Hempvada’s site show high customer satisfaction with the brand’s products. The reviews detail impressive results related to soothing and healing benefits. Outside the website, Hempvada has a Google rating of 4.6 stars based on 22 reviews. Similarly, most positive reviews are on product performance. Overall, a clear standout is the brand’s oils and topical products, which received positive comments on effectiveness and ease of use.

Pricing, Coupons, and Discounts 

Hempvada products are competitively priced considering the work the company puts into its farm-grown production. Based on its website, it does not offer first-time discounts like some CBD brands. However, Hempvada offered price promos for its CBD bundles.

The brand also offers discounted wholesale prices to CBD stores, vape shops, e-commerce stores, and distribution companies looking to resell its products. Interested customers may request a quote through its website or call Hempvada’s hotline number.

Shipping and Return Policy

Hempvada offers fast and free shipping for orders over $45. This applies to all orders within the United States.

When it comes to returns and refunds, the company does not have a clear return policy on its website. Instead, it advises customers to directly contact its customer service department for any issues or concerns.

Hempvada Legal Compliance

Hempvada logo

Hempvada is a fully licensed company and operates from a state-approved farm. In terms of product specifications, the brand is transparent about ingredients in its packaging. All products contain less than 0.3% THC as mandated by the government. They have also undergone safety tests from independent laboratories.

Similar to many CBD brands in the market, Hempvada’s products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and cannot be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.

A helpful feature Hempvada provides is information on CBD regulations in the country. To know more about the legalities of CBD in each state, the brand publishes blog posts on this topic to educate its customers.

In Summary

Hempvada believes in the therapeutic benefits of CBD in the different aspects of life. The company’s range of functional products highlights the brand’s extensive industry knowledge and high standard of quality. Hempvada is worth considering for its bath and beauty products, which are not typically available in mainstream CBD stores.

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