Hemp Hop Vendor Review

Hemp Hop is a large and expanding company that provides quality hemp at affordable prices. Their mission is simple and clear. They aim to share the positive benefits of hemp with the world and believe it should be available for anyone to experience. Their commitment to customers reinforces their mission. They put people above profits and show this commitment in their high quality and accessible products. Education of hemp and its benefits is an integral part of Hemp Hop’s mission. Knowing what goes into our bodies and having the right to choose is critical in the company’s mission statement.

Select locations offer same-day delivery because they understand people need stress, anxiety, and medical relief that is not detrimental to life. Privacy and convenience make purchasing from Hemp Hop a quick and reliable option. Wholesale is currently available nationwide, and they offer priority shipping.

Hemp Hop vendor reviewTop Products from Hemp Hop

The dispensary’s best-selling products are a mix of their full, crystalized nuggets topping out at a whopping 27% cannabinoids, 7.75% terpenes, and others that are high in energizing THCV. The menu on the site offers all users the chance to customize their buying experience and understand the product they will receive. They provide a range of buds that is grown indoor and outdoor.

The menu lets you choose when you want to smoke, and they offer hemp flower that is best for that time. The daytime flower you get with Hemp Hop has long, full buds that are busting with trichomes. Their nighttime flower is great for relaxing and forgetting about the day. They will leave you calm, cool, and collected. The buds are beautiful and have a range of colors that can affect the smell and taste – yet all of them are high enough in CBD to leave you feeling relaxed but not anxious.

They offer pre-rolled joints made from top-shelf flowers and give you 200mg of Delta 8 THC. The cones come in a multipack and mix different strains to provide the best smoke for any time of the day. They offer vape cartridges with full-spectrum CBD oil and taste like girl scout cookies if you want to vape instead of smoke a joint. The flavor will leave you wanting more, and the effects will leave you relaxed, focused, and pain-free.

What People Are Saying

Hemp Hop customers have given full regards to all of the CBD indoor flower lineups that they have to offer.  Their abacus strain is the leader of the pack.  Consumers are raving and flocking to purchase it. The strain is great for those who have dabbled in cannabis before and want to try a “fire” strain. You will understand why their customers call this strain “straight gas” after you try it out. The smoke leaves you mellow and with a slight cherry taste in your mouth.

Customers mention that the cure and trim of all the flowers on Hemp hop is top quality. Although trim doesn’t affect what you’re about to smoke or ingest, it shows that the company takes extra time and care to produce its product. The nuggets have a consistent peppering of amber-colored trichomes that stand out against the varying shades of green. They are described as dense, well-manicured, and have coatings of crystals all over. Customers are calling their product “top-shelf CBD flower.”

Hemphop vendor

Hemp Hop Discounts

Hemp Hop has mad discounts on its flower. On each page, you can see deals of half the retail cost of their products. Most extensively, you can see amazing discounts on their flower. The flower costs roughly $25 for an eighth, $45 for a quarter, $80 for half, and $125 for an oz. That is a banging deal considering the quality of the flower when compared to other vendors. Hemp Hop cares about sharing the beneficial effects of CBD with the world. So, the more you buy, the more you save!

The average cost per mg when you purchase an oz is about 3.4 cents, a great value. It also means you can get the relief you need without waiting for your next paycheck to hit the bank. Some sale items can reach up to 80%, so they will have quality and affordable flowers for sale, whatever your situation.

Hemp Hop Legal Compliance

Transparency is crucial for Hemp Hop. As such, they provide extensive lab reports for every flower listed on their site. They test using third-party labs to ensure that their products are of excellent quality and trustworthy. The great thing about Hemp Hop is its lab testing. Their mission means they understand that some people might be novices, so they tell you how the product will make you feel in a way that is easy to understand. All of their bud, edibles, and tinctures are legal with less than 0.03% THC.

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