Goat Ridge Hemp Vendor Review


Goat Ridge hemp vendor

Goat Ridge Hemp is a family-run hemp farm in Vermont. They produce pesticide-free organic Hemp and full-spectrum CBD. They aim to cultivate the highest quality hemp in Vermont and actively promote the benefits and uses of Hemp.

What makes this hemp farm stand out is the certified organic product they produce. Since the farm is family-run and, on their land, they can ensure that the product you’re receiving is organic. The cultivation process is free of fertilizers and pesticides that can affect farmed land for years because they don’t use their land or pastures for commercial farming. The beautiful fields where the family grows their full spectrum hemp is grazed on by the horses, cows, and goats with which they share their land. Of course, they have the animals away from the flower for excellent production practices.

They provide a detailed CBD analysis of their product, and it is available to view on their website. The analysis outlines the composition of the product and extensive data about the quality and production process. They clearly know their product and transparently relate that information with their customers.

Top Products from Goat Ridge Hemp

The farm has an extensive collection of tinctures available for purchase. Every bottle of their full-spectrum CBD oil has at least 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. The customers love the effectiveness of the product. The full-spectrum CBD in their products produces relaxing and tranquil effects, making them perfect just before a good night’s rest. Other benefits of the product include reduced joint pain in the back and knees. Their CBD oils are perfect for arthritis and insomnia.

If you’re looking for an organically grown flower with an incredibly smooth taste and draw, Goat Ridge has options for trim and untrimmed flowers. The untrimmed flower is a great indicator of the high levels of Pure CBD present in their product. Longer leaves have 0.03% THC, so the flower’s effects will be uplifting and leave you consciously aware of your surroundings. The trimmed bud they offer has beautiful crystallization that will leave your mouth salivating. The outdoor flower they offer isn’t just pretty but will leave you refreshed and ready to get the best night’s sleep of your life.

If smoking and oils aren’t for you, Goat Ridge has two great DBS salves for you to choose from. Both boast a generous 100mg of CBD, and they make them using natural ingredients. The lavender, beeswax, and organic oils make it great for anyone who wants a holistic and easy solution for stress. Slather it on, rub it in and wait for the euphorically calming effects to set in.

What People Are Saying

The Goat Ridge Farms website has pages upon pages of overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. All of them are happy, and many repeat their purchases. The feedback given suggests that if you are looking for a type 3 flower – Goat Ridge is the place to buy. If you’re unaware of it, Type III is a CBD-dominant flower with a low THC content that provides no intoxication. The type 3 flower is best for daily anxiety, and the review on their crystallized bud shows that their products work. The flavors are mouth-watering and delicious, leaving you with smells of sweet and sour dankness.

The flower is cured and well-tended throughout its cultivation. Reviews on salves and oils confirm this, too – meaning that no matter how you consume your CBD – Goat Ridge Hemp is the place you want to be for your flower. They were awarded the High Times hemp cup of 2021 for best quality CBD products and organically grown and harvested flowers.

Goat Ridge Hemp Points and Discounts

Goat Ridge hemp

Goat Ridge Hemp does not have a loyalty program or rewards perks, but it isn’t needed. The website has discounts, and they don’t require any coupon codes. The price you see is what you will pay. Currently, they’re offering an out-of-this-world deal for their bud. You can’t miss the chance to get their high-quality and effective flower for just $50 an oz. It’s a steal.

They also offer wholesale purchasing options, which can further drive down the prices of their product. Buying wholesale could you save you even more money, making Goat Ridge worth checking out.

Their salves and oils are some of the most affordable options we have found that work. The great prices mean there’s no need for a customer loyalty program. The customers say this product sells itself and doesn’t break the bank.

Goat Ridge Hemp Legal Compliance

Goat Ridge Hemp takes a different approach to legality. Instead of a short statement talking about the farm bill that made Hemp legal if it contains under 0.03% THC – they provide a certificate of analysis for each flower they produce. In the certificate of analysis, you can see that the flower is under the legal limit for THC but offers stellar levels of the relaxing, anti-anxiety full spectrum CBD we are looking for in a product.