The Best Hemp Flower Vendors According to Reddit Users

the best rated reddit hemp flower vendors

As interest in CBD has skyrocketed, so too has the number of farmers selling premium hemp flowers. For new customers, it can be quite a disorienting experience searching for the perfect online hemp vendor. Thankfully, there is a simple and free way to narrow down your CBD search: check out Reddit.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite message board has a lot of cachet in the CBD world. Indeed, there are now subreddits totally devoted to high-CBD hemp like r/hempflower. On these subreddits, you can easily find the latest info on what’s hot and what’s not in the contemporary CBD market.

Don’t underestimate the power of these hemp subreddits. In the past few years, forum users have brought relatively obscure farmers into the CBD limelight. Alternatively, bad reviews on Reddit often spell doom for even the most prominent hemp cultivators.

In this post, we’ll take a deeper look into what hemp smoking Redditors are into at the moment. Although tastes could change in the near future, this list should give you a sense of some of the best hemp brands currently on the market.

Top-Rated CBD Flower Vendors On Reddit

Tweedle Farms

We’ll start our list with an Oregon-based hemp farm that only took off once it got hot on Reddit.tweedle farms hemp flower review

Founded in 2016, Tweedle Farms is a 10-acre hemp farm not too far from Portland. This company was doing OK during its first two years of operation, but it wasn’t until 2018 that it became a household name—at least amongst hemp users.

As you’ve probably already guessed, it was in 2018 that dozens of articles started appearing on Reddit singing Tweedle Farms’ praises. Ever since then, this company has become hugely successful for its high-quality high-CBD flowers and excellent customer service.

The most popular category in Tweedle Farms’ product line remains its premium hemp flowers. A few popularly reviewed strains you’ll usually find on Tweedle Farms include AC/DC, Lifter, White Widow, and Suver Haze.

Many Reddit users say they enjoy ordering Tweedle Farms’ “Mystery Pack” for both the surprise factor and affordability. Also, hemp users who prefer tinctures, waxes, capsules, or muscle rubs will find a plethora of options in Tweedle Farms’ re-vamped website.

It’s important for customers to always check what strains are in stock on the Tweedle Farms website. Yes, this company is growing at a rapid pace, but they are still a relatively small operation with a somewhat limited catalog.


CBD Hemp Direct

CBD Hemp Direct is another company that you’ll often see mentioned in lists of Redditors’ favorite hemp companies. Unlike Tweedle CBDHemp.Direct vendor reviewFarms, however, CBD Hemp Direct often garners the most praise for its wide assortment of goods rather than its high-quality products.

Once you visit CBD Hemp Direct’s website for yourself, you’ll see what Redditors are talking about. Canisters upon canisters of premium hemp flower are just tip of the iceberg on CBD Hemp Direct. A few other categories you’ll find on this website include CBD kief nugs, CBD edibles, CBD trim, CBD kief, CBD concentrates, and even CBD hash. So, yeah, if you want something CBD-related, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on this website.

Another feature many Reddit users appreciate about CBD Hemp Direct is the company’s commitment to CBD education. Many of the products in CBD Hemp Direct’s line come with detailed info about cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes. Plus, the CBD Hemp Direct website posts many up-to-date educational blog posts on all things related to hemp.

While CBD Hemp Direct receives mostly positive reviews on Reddit, we should mention a few customers complained about the quality of this company’s products. Specifically, a few Reddit users pointed out that certain hemp strains weren’t thoroughly screened for stems and seeds. Be sure to inspect your product thoroughly before smoking and report any quality control issues with CBD Hemp Direct’s customer service line.


Cascadia Blooms

A relatively new company to enter the hemp subreddit sphere is Cascadia Blooms in Medford, Oregon. While there aren’t an Cascadia Blooms hemp reviewoverwhelming number of reviews on this company, there are enough fans out there to warrant a quick mention.

The reason Reddit users love Cascadia Blooms mainly has to do with the company’s commitment to producing high-quality organic hemp. People who receive Cascadia Blooms’ buds are often blown away by the fresh flavors, thick trichomes, and expert packaging. Popular strains now in Cascadia Blooms’ catalog include Lifter, Pineberry, Special Sauce, and Kush.

Of course, since Cascadia Blooms is a rather small operation, it doesn’t have an extremely diverse portfolio of goods. Indeed, you’ll only find a few premium flowers from less than a dozen strains listed on the company’s website. Of the strains available in Cascadia Blooms’ catalog, they are only available in one ounce or half-ounce packets. What little Cascadia Blooms offers, however, many Reddit users rave about.


Industrial Hemp Farms you dig deeper into Reddit’s hemp forums, you may come across our Colorado-based company that’s far better known in the hemp biomass sphere. Headquartered in Calhan, Industrial Hemp Farms (IHF) is an established player in the legal hemp space ever since it was founded in 2015. Although best known for its industrial hemp production, IHF is quickly making a name for itself in the consumer market with its premium hemp flower line.

Reddit users are starting to take notice of the many unique high-CBD strains on IHF’s website. Just a few strains IHF now offers include Super Lemon Haze, Cherry Wine, Jack Frost CBG, and Sour Diesel. On top of all these hemp flowers, IHF also offers bulk hemp prerolls for a convenient hit of hemp.

As mentioned above, however, IHF is far better known for its hemp biomass as well as its wide array of hemp-related services like lab analysis and cannabinoid extraction. That doesn’t mean, however, there’s nothing on IHF’s website for the average consumer. Indeed, as IHF increases its line of premium hemp flowers, tinctures, and oils, it’s most likely this will become a prominent name on Reddit forums.


Fields Of Hemp

In many ways, Fields of Hemp is similar to Cascadia Blooms. Both companies are small, based in Southern Oregon, and are slowly Fields of Hemp Logogaining attention on Reddit for their high quality flowers. Also like Cascadia Blooms, Fields of Hemp currently doesn’t have the widest range of products, but it makes up for this lack of variety with high-quality goods.

Two strains that are often positively referenced in subreddits include Fields of Hemp’s AC/DC and Therapy. Other varieties frequently offered on Fields of Hemp’s website include Lifter, Grumpy Grandpa, and Remedy. In addition to these strains, Fields of Hemp has recently started offering sampler packs, small hemp flowers, bath bombs, and hemp trim.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for an up-and-coming Oregon hemp farm that mostly offers premium hemp flowers, Fields of Hemp might be worth looking into.               

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