Super Lemon Haze CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

The pale green nugs of the Super Lemon Haze are enveloped in striking orange veins that give the strain an obvious appeal from a glance. This sativa-dominant hybrid has strong lemon, citrus, and sweet flavors that can be exceptionally pleasing to the palate for those who want something a little less bitter and earthy.

As a sativa-dominant hybrid, the Super Lemon Haze CBD brings energetic effects that awaken the body. Perfect for daytime use, its subtle yet stable effects can help improve productivity and target mild episodes of the blues.


Super Lemon Haze CBD hemp plants growing in green house


Where Does Super Lemon Haze Come From?

Super Lemon Haze is a hybrid strain that’s produced from the combination of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. The latter is one of the most popular strains available, having won the Cannabis Cup for three consecutive years in the late 90’s. Lemon Skunk on the other hand, was developed from two specific phenotypes of the iconic Skunk No. 1 strain. Together, these two predecessors create an energetic and lively strain that uplifts the body for improved physical productivity.



The Effects of Super Lemon Haze

Sativa-dominant hybrids are known for their uplifting effects, boosting productivity and paving the way for better physical performance. That’s why the Super Lemon Haze CBD hemp flower strain is often preferred by those who need a boost to support work or study, or to combat the any cognitive or physical nuances that might water down daily performance.

The strain also helps target a bunch of other common issues, including the feeling of overbearing physical tension and discomfort that might impede work and responsibilities. That said, Super Lemon Haze might not be ideal for those who would prefer the calming effects of CBD flower.

Similarly, Super Lemon Haze might not also be a good choice if you were looking for sleep support, since the strain does alert the body instead of relaxing it. If you’re hoping to help with restlessness and sleeplessness, then an indica-dominant hybrid or a completely indica strain might be better suited to your needs.



The Super Lemon Haze Flavor Profile

Super lemon haze wakes the body with its strong limonene flavor that’s tart and sour, but still pleasant and enjoyable. Subtle sweetness compliments the sour lipsmacking primary note, giving users a real treat during the first half of the drag.

closeup of Super Lemon Haze CBD hemp bud

Towards the tail end of the flavor train, a powerful skunky flavor takes over, thanks to the Super Lemon Haze’s Lemon Skunk predecessor. The pungent taste is similar to an earthy taste, with an unique organic flavor that makes it a little more raw and hard-hitting. Together, these flavors combine for an overwhelming combination of tastes that provide a pleasant experience all on their own.

While the Super Lemon Haze’s flavor might appeal to most users, there are limits. For instance, those who prefer a more subtle experience might not enjoy this strain’s flavor acrobatics. If you still want to experience the effects of Super Lemon Haze without the overwhelming combination of tastes, then consider vaping instead of smoking to neutralize the potency of the flavors.


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