Sunset Road Sherbet CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Averaging 20% CBD, the Sunset Road Sherbet CBD hemp flower strain joins the likes of T1 Trump and Cannatonic as some of the more potent strains currently available. As an indica-leaning strain, the Sunset Road Sherbet cultivar can take you down a road to full relaxation and rest. Powerful and potent, this strain doesn’t joke around when it comes to lifting away the nuances that might bother you on the daily.

Its hard-hitting effects take place almost instantly, and the relief that the strain brings can stick around for extended periods of time. So if you were looking for something you could smoke just once a day for long-term effects, then Sunset Road Sherbet might be for you.

Sunset Road Sherbet CBD hemp plants growing in green house


The Sunset Road Sherbet Lineage

Despite its popularity, there’s not a lot of information on the origins of Sunset Road Sherbet. What we can confirm however is that one of its parent strains is Sherbet, combined with an undisclosed cultivar. The result is a strong, indica-leaning strain that boasts impressive CBD content across the board.



The Effects of Sunset Road Sherbet

Slow and steady isn’t the Sunset Road Sherbet motto. On the first hit, the strain produces its potent effects almost instantly. A strong sense of lightheadedness and a steady buzz take over the mind. During this time, stress and cognitive tension are released, and the strain instills a sense of calm and emptiness. This is especially beneficial for those who might struggle with a feeling of racing, overwhelming thoughts.

As the effects speed through your body, it works similarly for your physical status. The Sunset Road Sherbet cultivar works to unclench your muscles, relieving tension and pressure so you can enjoy a discomfort-free existence throughout the duration of its effects. A slight rise in energy levels can keep you alert, ideal if you don’t want to drift into unconsciousness and truly enjoy your experience.

A slightly uplifted mood can also help combat emotional distress. If you’re suffering from the blues, or if you simply feel a little less than happy, then the Sunset Road Sherbet strain can lend you a hand. Of course, there are limitations. Because the cultivar falls right smack dab in the middle of sleepiness and productivity, you might find that it falls short if you were hoping for something fully indica or sativa.



The Sunset Road Sherbet Flavor Profile

closeup of Sunset Road Sherbet CBD hemp bud

Fruity and floral flavors take front and center with the Sunset Road Sherbet cultivar. These strong tastes hit you hard at the start of the smoking experience, and leave you wanting to drag even more as the sweetness swirls through your mouth. Gliding over your tongue, the strain then starts to get a little woody and piney, growing into a full-blown earthiness with a strong bitter aftertaste.

All together, the flavor profile can be described as complete and well-rounded. But beginners and low-tolerance users beware – the taste might be overwhelming if you’re not accustomed to strong CBD hemp flower flavors. The bitterness might be especially overpowering, so it really might be a better choice for veteran users who know what strong strains can do.


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