Sour Tsunami Hemp Strain Review

Out of the love, care, and hardwork of Lawrence Ringo — one of the heads at the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective — came the Sour Tsunami. As the strain’s name implies, this distinct hemp cultivar washes over the user with strong flavors of lip-puckering citrus with gentle, creamy clouds of jet engine fuel in the background.

Initially bred for higher CBD, this strain was one of the first hemp varieties to tout a hugely disproportionate CBD to THC ratio, effectively showcasing the relieving benefits of CBD without the THC high. Today, Sour Tsunami has gone on to parent its own iconic offspring strains, making it yet another addition to the hemp hall of fame.


The Sour Tsunami Lineage

Sour Tsunami Hemp Strain ReviewSour Tsunami’s genetics aren’t anything to be taken lightly. In fact, one of the reasons for the herb’s success is its powerful parentage. The child of Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel, Sour Tsunami is a true, blue Diesel family member. And because of the iconic, dynamic duo behinds its chemistry, it was pretty easy for the general public to welcome the new herb with eager, open arms.

Sour Diesel is known for its pungent taste and strong sour undertones that work together to create a contrast of flavor. The strong tastes oppose each other so explicitly that Sour Diesel is often considered an herb best reserved to the veterans. Its effects are strongly sativa, injecting the body with a jolt of energy and vigor that can keep you going for hours.

Then there’s NYC Diesel. The child of two landraces, NYC Diesel is about as pure as it gets. This hybrid leans heavily on the sativa side, offering similar effects as its Sour Diesel counterpart. Flavors include a mix of sour lime and bitter grapefruit, underlined with the smokey taste of burning gasoline.

Sour Tsunami itself has fathered quite a few honorable mentions. A parent to both Headband and Death Star, this strain has earned celebrity status among cultivators for its strong genetic profile and potent CBD content despite being relatively harder to grow than your average strain.


Appearance and Aroma

Sour Tsunami displays beautifully tight clusters that break ever so slightly against a gentle touch. The large, rounded buds are interspersed with fine golden tendrils that encase the nug in a delicate cage. The leaves themselves are yellow-green on the surface, with splotches of brown here and there. But break open the cluster, and you’ll find deep rich greens and blues painting its interiors.

Because it was bred for higher than normal CBD content, the Sour Tsunami strain has prominent trichome presence that covers all of its surfaces. The fine white hairs project from every area of the clusters and create a resinous texture that leaves the fingers feeling sticky.

Needless to say, just a glance at the Sour Tsunami strain might make you want to lean in for a whiff. That first inhale should greet your senses with a strong herbal aroma that blends together with petrol undertones. If you’ve got a slightly more trained snout, then you should be able to pick up a slight floral aroma with a tinge of lime.


Experience and Effects

Despite it’s parents both being partial to sativa genetics, the Sour Tsunami strain is the perfect example of a hybrid. Neither too energizing nor sedating, the strain’s effects should keep your mind alert without prompting your body into a frenzied rush.

The high CBD content means that the herb delivers its benefits in record time, relieving all of those aches and discomforts without a moment to lose. Many of those who enjoy the herb use it to wind down and enjoy an evening with friends or with a special someone. The relaxing, mood-balancing effects can put you in the perfect disposition for an easy, effortless trip.

Great for treating mood disturbances, feelings of apprehension, and minor aches, Sour Tsunami’s effects come riding on a wave of flavor that’s packed into its thick plumes of smoke. The flavor can be described as offensive and aggressive, hitting the back of your throat with significant force. Coughing may ensue for the less experienced smoker — moderation is advised.


Sour Tsunami Hemp Strain


Growing and Harvesting

Both of its parents aren’t easy to grow, and Sour Tsunami takes after them. The strain may grow over 78 inches in height due to its parents genetics, so wide open spaces are ideal for cultivation. They may be tougher to grow, requiring more care and maintenance throughout the process, but the yield is impressive at up to six ounces per square foot of growth.

Depending on conditions, the Sour Tsunami strain may take up to 12 weeks to flower. Since they grow tall, you might want to consider topping off the plants right before they reach maturity to make sure all of those little buds are within reach when the time is right.


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