Shark Shock Strain Review

Sometimes simply called Shark, the CBD Shark Shock strain is a CBD-rich herb that belongs to the ever expanding family of CBD dominant hemp varieties. While there isn’t a lot of information on CBD Shark Shock just yet, many of those at the grass roots of the industry have found the herb through local dispensaries, earning the variety a place among the favorites for individuals in search of clarifying, calming herb that doesn’t cause intoxication or mental clouding.


The Origins of the CBD CBD Shark Shock Strain

Even with just trace amounts of THC, some hemp strains have been known to imbue a person with feelings of lightheadedness, mental clouding, and body melt. And while these can all add to the calming, soothing, and relaxing experience, there’s no doubt that they might sometimes get in the way of regular programming. And that’s what prompted the development of CBD-rich herbs that do away with THC as much as possible.

There are lots of CBD-dominant varieties out there these days, but with such little effort going into their documentation, there’s no way to figure out who comes from where. The same goes for the CBD Shark Shock strain. Although the strain has been a father itself, all that’s known about its lineage is that it descends from the indica Shark Shock which touts a minty, herbal, piney flavor that’s cool to the throat and soothing to the senses.


Aroma and Appearance

The CBD Shark Shock strain comes in average sized nugs that closely resemble the Shark Shock parent strain. The lightly packed nugs aren’t heavy or dense, making them relatively easy to break open. Cracking the leaves aside showcases the deep blue and purple colors that paint the inner layers. But because the nugs break up relatively easily, users should be careful during handling unless the layer of trichomes falls out with the leaves.

The aromatic CBD Shark Shock delivers a nose full of soothing fragrance, much like its only known parent. Although you might not describe the scent as sweet, the CBD Shark Shock cultivar enthralls the senses with its herbal goodness that mixes together with ginger and spice. Almost like downing a glass of therapeutic herbal tea, the Shark Shock strain delivers a delightful dose of fragrance that can have you sniffing for hours.


Experience and Effects

What people like most about CBD Shark Shock is that its flavor is a perfect replica of its aroma. The strain’s taste doesn’t stray far from expectations, so even low tolerance users will have quite a pleasant experience with its smoke. Airy and fast moving, the plumes are smooth as silk and easy to breathe in, leaving no traces of irritation or abrasion as they pour into the throat.

In terms of effects, the CBD Shark Shock is a fast acting herb that delivers its impact almost instantly after the toke. Clarifying the mind and ridding the body of all sorts of aches and discomfort, this herb can be the perfect go-to to help you clear out negative energy and feelings that might hinder you from giving your hundred percent.


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