Oregon Hemp Flower Strain Review

If you are someone who prefers a laid-back afternoon or wants a relaxed time, then Oregon OG hemp flower is your perfect match. Oregon OG is a hybrid strain, which is Indica dominant. With 70% Indica and 30% Sativa you will find that the flavor of it is quite earthy. If your palette is sophisticated enough, you will also find it to be a bit musk.

It is a high-yielding hemp strains as well. You can expect about 700 grams or more per plant with the best results found when harvesting between August to mid-September and outdoors. The CBD content of this strain ranges widely from 12-21%. Delta-9 THC content is below 0.3%, which is required for it to be considered a true hemp strain.


oregon og strain hemp flower review


The quality of Orgeon OG buds will vary from harvest to harvest and whether it is indoor or outdoor grown. The plant requires a flowering time of around 48 days. Having said that though, the strain really favors light and it will thank you for growing it in a sunlit environment. It’s quite a robust grower and also clones pretty easily. You will find that trimming is quite easy as well because of the decent bud to leaf ratio.


Oregon OG Look and Texture

The Oregon OG strain looks quite unique and most regular users and experts can instantly tell you which strain it is. The buds are small and whispy and have dark green spades with some light earthly highlights. Quite the beautiful looker if you ask us.


Strain Effects

If you are the person that is quite often under stress or feel like you are taking on more then you can handle, then Oregon OG hemp flower is for you. It is among the best CBD flower strains out there for relaxation and easily stands out as one of the pre-roll flower varieties that is available at the moment.

Orgeon OG is also a great strain for improving appetite. This strain might make food taste better and give you more satisfaction when eating. On that note, it likely won’t give you the “munchies” as seen with the cannabis cousins due to the low THC content.

Oregon OG may increase feelings of well-being. This is likely due to the CBD in the hemp flower, which works as a relaxant. For these reasons many gravitate to CBD flower instead of Cannabis. Hemp flower lovers are usually the type of user with higher mental activity than those who prefer cannabis. But this is highly speculative and varies from person to person.


The Feeling

Describing the  feeling of a specific strain is quite difficult due to varying experiences. There are so many nuances that one might feel that it is quite difficult to put to words. However, the feeling that Oregon OG offers is quite charming, to say the least.

It may make its way to your head and give you an uplifting sensation. You may also feel some eye and forehead pressure which is followed by a numb, almost warm numbing wave that takes over the body of the user. For the most part, Oregon OG hemp flower is not similar to a cannabis feeling since it contains little to no THC.


oregon og hemp flower packaging


Oregon OG Downsides

It is quite hard to find some real downsides with hemp flower strains like Oregon OG. There are, however, some minor things that we feel you should know. Because after all, this will not be a comprehensive review if you don’t find everything there is to know about Orgeon OG.

Some minor issues you may find is that it has a tendency to dry the mouth and eyes which can be quite easily mitigated by staying well hydrated. It may also make you feel a bit dizzy. It is important to note that other CBD related side-effects may occur with the use of hemp flower strains.


Final Thoughts

Overall it is quite difficult not to see the bright-side of Orgeon OG bud. The strain has quite a respectable flower that has many benefits and coupled with its rich and flavorful taste, it is quite hard to argue against it. If you are looking to grow it by yourself, we do not see you facing too much of problem either, given its high yield.

And if you do not see yourself growing it on your own, there are also many trustworthy dispensers out there who are happy to help you with your medical needs. Oregon OG is a true all-rounder and boasts many attributes that put it right up there with the top strains in the hemp flower market.


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