K. O. CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

The K.O. CBD hemp flower strain – also called the Knockout OG – is one of the most powerful sativa-leaning strains currently available. This classic kush specimen takes your senses by the reins from the moment you open the pack, releasing a strong pungent scent that’s impossible to contain. For more seasoned CBD flower users, K.O. might also showcase some hints of citrus, sweetness, and fruit, making it a complete flavor experience.

In terms of its effects, K.O. behaves like a pure sativa. Its hard-hitting, heightening effects give a steady, substantial buzz that takes over both mind and body. Learning to fine-tune your dosage can help improve the way you enjoy this powerful strain, letting you get the best of both worlds depending on how much of it you take.

K. O. CBD hemp plants growing in green house


Where Does K.O. Come From?

There isn’t a lot of information on the lineage of this OG kush. As one of the classics, K.O.’s descendants are far too distant to be discerned. However what we do know is that the strain is purely sativa, indicating that it might have come from the combination of two more potent sativa parent strains. Knockout OG is also used in a variety of other strain cultivars as a descendant. Combining its potent effects with the qualities of other strains can result to dynamic cultivars that are pleasant and impressive in their own right.



The Effects of K.O.

The strain isn’t called the Knockout OG for nothing. With powerful effects, this strain can lend a significant buzz that runs through the head and body for complete relaxation. The main effect is sedative in nature, calming and relaxing the system to the point of drowsiness and sleepiness. The effects are fast and overpowering, rapidly racing through your mind and body to impart a strong sense of calm.

Ideally, the Knockout OG strain would be best for those who struggle with restlessness and unease in both thoughts and actions. As the powerful strain takes effect, it instills a formidable buzz throughout the system that sedates it to the point of sleep – like a real K.O. So users can enjoy a restful night’s sleep or a few hours of peace, especially if they tend to deal with the challenges of racing thoughts and psychomotor activity throughout the day.

If you want to enjoy K.O. for its sativa-dominant effects, then dialing down your dosage can help you achieve that head high you’re looking for. Taking it down half a bowl or even more can bring the strain’s sativa effects into light. The right amount can give rise to motivation, productivity, and increased energy levels that help support task performance.

closeup of K. O. CBD hemp bud


The Taste of K.O.

The flavor profile of the Knockout OG strain is likeable to the iconic Tyson. With strong hints of gasoline and earth, this strain’s flavor is anything but faint. Right off the bat, the strain gives off a pungent, woody aroma straight from its packaging. But as you take that first toke, the bitterness of gasoline and earth might overwhelm your senses, so it really isn’t ideal for beginners. If you’re a seasoned CBD connoisseur however, K.O. can be a wild trip from start to finish.

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