Jupiter CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

The Jupiter OG strain – simple called Jupiter – is a pure indica strain that was named after the largest planet in our solar system, and for good reasons. The cultivar was developed with the sole purpose of potent effects that make a big impact on its user. Its rapid effects are hard-hitting and forceful, immersing the body in complete calm.

Ideal for individuals with a higher tolerance for both the taste and effects of CBD flower, this strain makes a great choice for those seeking relief against daily physical nuances. Able to lift away tension, pressure, and discomfort of the muscles for extended periods of time, Jupiter CBD will make you feel like you’re defying gravity.


Where Does the Jupiter Strain Come From?

Jupiter CBD hemp plants growing in field

Little is known about the combination that led to the birth of the Jupiter strain. To date, all that’s certain is that one of its descendants is the legendary OG Kush hybrid that’s earned a reputation as a quintessential classic in the world of CBD hemp flower strains. The second parent strain for Jupiter remains undisclosed, but there’s a high possibility that the strain is an indica-dominant cultivar, because Jupiter manifests as a full indica strain.



The Effects of the Jupiter Strain

The Jupiter strain is big on relaxation. As its main effect, this cultivar was bred to submerge the body in a sense of well-being and restfulness, encouraging better sleep and relaxation. The effects start with the body, unlike most strains that dominate the head before proceeding downwards. As you take a toke, Jupiter makes your system feel light and airy, removing stress and tension to make way for a comfortable disposition.

Along with the relaxation, Jupiter gives rise to a slightly elevated mood and a subtle sleepiness. Although not quite as overpowering as some indica strains, the sleepiness caused by Jupiter can be relatively manageable, allowing you to maintain wakefulness despite the mild drowsiness.

You know you’ve reached the maximum effect once you start to feel an urge to satisfy your hunger. Jupiter inspires a strong appetite, causing its user to continue to eat throughout the duration of the entire trip. Make sure there’s lots of food within reach before taking that first drag.



The Jupiter Strain’s Flavor Profile

closeup of Jupiter CBD hemp bud

Pungent and earthy, Jupiter smells exactly how you think it would based on its effects. The overwhelming scent of gasoline can be too much for low-tolerance users to handle. But for more experienced, seasoned CBD connoisseurs, the powerful flavors can be a delight for the senses. The earthy taste of the Jupiter Strain is full and long-lasting, leaving traces of the taste of soil lingering in your mouth long after the drag is done.


Towards the tail end of the toke, you’ll taste a slight spice, like little nibs of pepper have rested on your tongue. This lively, energetic, herbal flavor adds a pleasant twist to the entire experience. Almost reminiscent of spicy herbs like mint, the subtle flavor can be a great way to round off the taste experience, adding another dimension to the otherwise one-dimensional combination of earth and gasoline flavors.


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