Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Developed specifically by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado for a young user named Charlotte, this cultivar is a pure sativa strain that’s incredibly high in CBD with virtually no THC. The result is a potent range of effects that impact the body and mind without interfering with cognition and thought to allow productivity even during use.

Taking a toke of this cultivar can feel a lot like getting trapped in a web of relaxation. Along with the heightened sense of calm, the strain also lends razor-sharp focus, a pleasantly elevated mood, and a sense of strong creativity.


Charlotte’s Web CBD hemp plants growing in green house

Where Does Charlotte’s Web Come From?

First developed in Colorado by the Stanley Brothers, Charlotte’s Web was intended to target a range of physical nuances. In order to do that, the cultivators had to breed it in such a way that THC would be close to non-existent, to bring the impact of CBD flower into full realization. The result is the potent Charlotte’s Web cultivar that essentially captures its user in its powerful effects that impact both the mind and body.

While the parent strains for Charlotte’s Web are widely unknown, what we can confirm is that it’s a full sativa strain. So while it does relax the mind and body, it also manifests a range of other effects that alert the system for better productivity and creativity.

The Effects of Charlotte’s Web CBD

As a CBD-dominant strain with virtually no THC, the effects of Charlotte’s Web are less fluid and more centered. The cultivar starts off slow, gradually evolving into a sharper sense of focus and attention that makes it easier to concentrate on given tasks. The strain also impacts your mood, lightly elevating you to a pleasant demeanor and happiness that can do wonders for those who might be exceedingly stressed or under pressure.

Another reason why Charlotte’s Web is such a hit among most users is because it also bumps up creativity. The strain stimulates productive thought, making it easier to get around hurdles and road blocks in work and other daily obligations. In terms of your body, the strain can effectively reduce tension and pressure, relaxing the system for greater comfort and ease of rest.


closeup of Charlotte’s Web CBD hemp bud

The Flavor Profile of Charlotte’s Web

Developed specifically for its benefits, the Charlotte’s Web cultivar’s taste isn’t really something that might tickle your senses. For the most part, the strain’s advantage lies in the effects, aiming to provide relief against cognitive and physical nuances through an effective, straightforward CBD flower variety. That said, the developers took little time to consider its taste, which doesn’t really strive to set itself apart from the standard CBD flavor.

The best way to describe it would be earthy and woody. The strain might also shine through with subtle hints of pine and citrus, but other than that, you wouldn’t really call it a taste experience. Nonetheless, if you were hoping for the potent impact of CBD without care for the way that the strain appeals to your sense of taste, then Charlotte’s Web is here to deliver.


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