CBG OG Strain Review

Way back when the cannabis industry started to boom following the legalization of hemp as a commercial agricultural commodity, CBD was all the rage. Touted as the single most important cannabinoid across the entire cannabis plant chemistry, CBD became the poster-child for all of the great things that cannabis became known for. But since then, many other cannabinoids have come front and center, showcasing that just like CBD, they serve an important, indispensable purpose in cannabis plant chemistry. And CBG is one of them.


CBG OG Strain Review


The Origins of the CBG OG

Today, there are thousands of cannabis strains on the market, many of which are more popular than others. But as time wears on, it seems the documentation of their roots becomes even more difficult, with some cultivators unaware of which herbs they used to come up with their creations in the first place. So is the case with CBG OG. As a relatively new herb, this cultivar has a poorly documented family history, making it difficult to tell which varieties came together to produce its unique genetics.

Nonetheless, there are some experts who have a say in the matter. A number of cultivators and farmers have claimed that CBG OG comes from a three-way between Black Cherry Soda. Pink Lemonade, and Original Glue. However, there are some that speculate that the herb also has a fourth parent in the mix, resulting to the strong CBG chemistry that the strain so proudly brandishes.


Aroma and Appearance

The CBG OG strain comes in thick, oversized clusters that clump together more tightly than average. This results to large, heavyweight bunches that don’t only feel heavier but look much more robust than other strains on the same shelf. The colors are close to basic, but some phenotypes will showcase a slight blue undertone that paves the way for a cooler colorway. On the surfaces, the strain touts a blinding glimmer that comes from its dense trichome layer that cements that cool, frozen, winter vibe.

With a strong herbal scent, CBG OG smells almost like a noseful of mildly sweet tea. The soothing aroma can calm the nerves right off the bat, allowing the cultivar’s chemistry to work its magic before it even seeps into your system. And because its particularly strong in the scent department, the wafting aroma really shines through even without having to stuff your snout into the jar to trap the fragrance.


CBG OG Strain


Experience and Effects

What’s especially appealing about strains with a stronger CBD or CBG presence is that they don’t alter cognition or mental state. The CBG OG soothes both mind and body from stress and discomfort, but it doesn’t toy with your consciousness. Without a note of sleepiness or drowsiness, and not a hint of body melt or paralysis, this strain literally simply wipes away bad feelings and negative energy to help you experience an improved state of wellness. The effects are pretty fast acting and long lasting, and have often been peddled as the right choice for users who might be struggling with poor appetite, motion sickness, apprehension, and a range of other symptoms that point to lowered well-being.


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