CBD God Strain Review

Well, it wasn’t called CBD God for nothing. With the call for CBD-centric strains at an all-time high, the CBD God strain was a breeder’s response to the growing clamor for more potent herb. This specific cultivar was farmed with the sole purpose of amplifying the production of CBD within the leaves, all while reducing the THC content as severely as possible. The result is a strong, CBD-rich variety with an almost non-existent THC content that’s perfect for experiencing the benefits of hemp without the heavy body feel or the clouded cognition.


CBD God Strain Review


The Origins of the CBD God Strain

The CBD God strain brings together the genetics of the fun and fruity Hawaiian with the ever reliable Purple Indica. These two herbs fall on opposing ends of spectrum, with the Hawaiian herb delivering a livelier blend of effects compared to its Purple Indica counterpart. Focused and creative, the Hawaiian strain is a fruity flavored variety that can really awaken a dull mind and body and bring about a jolt of intense vitality.

On the other hand, the Purple Indica is a relaxed, mellow strain that works to soothe the body and mind and release tension. It works best to numb out sensation and cloud the thoughts to help cradle you into a more comfortable state of mind and disposition. But in larger amounts, the Purple Indica has been known to knock out its users.


Aroma and Appearance

The CBD God strain inherits much of its aesthetics from its Purple Indica ancestor. With hints of purple and pink racing through the nugs, the bright colors can make it look like an electrifying herb next to some of the more green-dominated herbs on the shelf. But more than just its colors, the strain also touts an impressive tirchome layer that’s dense and intense, giving the cultivar a distinct glow and glitter.

If the CBD God manages to snag your attention with its name and aesthetic, then you might find yourself sticking your snout into the jar not too long after. The scent is impeccably reminiscent of its Hawaiian heritage, mimicking the tropical fruit fragrances that are typical of the parent herb. Hints of petrol and burnt wood underscore the encounter, but a novice is unlikely to pick up on the notes.


CBD God StrainExperience and Effects

Interestingly, the CBD God strain’s flavor isn’t quite the same during the smoke. Diesel and burnt wood flavors come to the foreground when the herb is ignited, and the fruity flavors become but an aftertaste. The smoke itself can be relatively abrasive, scratching against the walls of the throat as it pierces through to the lungs. Low tolerance users might not be able to manage the feel as the herb demands an aggressive coughing fit to address the irritation.

As you pass through the smoke experience, CBD God then imbues the body with its calming goodness that works to soothe tired muscles and a troubled mind. But because it has a significantly lower THC content than other hemp choices available, the CBD God strain delivers clarity and focus that doesn’t dampen your ability to think and move even at the height of the encounter.