Cascade CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Uplifting and energetic, the Cascade cultivar gets its name from the fact that it lends a gradual surge of effects. The strain starts of gentle at the start, rising up to a full blown sativa-leaning end result that leaves its user feeling upbeat, lively, and productive.

While it’s flavor might leave a lot to be desired, Cascades effects might just be enough to give it a place in you growing CBD flower stash. Learn more about its effects and flavor with this short review.



The Cascade CBD Hemp Flower Lineage

Cascade CBD hemp plants growing in field


There’s not a lot of information available as to the Cascade CBD hemp flower’s lineage. Averaging 14% CBD, this sativa-leaning strain might come from the combination of hybrids. Its effects lend a little insight as to its lineage, especially because you can sense that it’s not entirely a sativa strain. With subtle effects that lean towards the side of sedation, Cascade could be a 60-40 sativa-indica cultivar with hybrid lineage.



The Effects of the Cascade CBD Hemp Flower

What’s especially attractive about the Cascade strain is that it uplifts without intoxicating and it calms without sedating. At first, the effects can feel incredibly heady, allowing a formidable buzz to take over your cognition. It clears the way for heightened energy that’s focused and controlled, which is what makes Cascade a good choice for daytime use.

As the effects continue to evolve, they take over the body. The strain lifts away physical tension, giving rise to a sense of energy and purpose. When it’s full blown, you might feel the need to move around and get going – letting you stay focused on a range of tasks to help you get more done as the cultivar works its magic.

If there’s one thing you’ll notice, the strain’s effects come in waves. The heady buzz, the clarity, the productivity, and the calm work like phases. That’s mainly why the strain gets the name ‘Cascade’ as its impact gently takes you through a pleasant ride of changes that move from one to the next.



The Cascade Cultivar’s Flavor Profile

So, what does it taste like? Well, if we’re being honest, Cascade leaves a lot to be desired in the flavor department. For the most part, the cultivar might taste like grass or wet hay, making it a little punchy when you smoke it straight.

closeup of Cascade CBD hemp bud

There are no undertones, no citrus, fruity, or floral notes, and the entire flavor profile might be a little one dimensional for more experienced user who want a holistic experience. Some phenotypes might even present to be skunky and pungent together with the bitter taste of grass, so it’s definitely not a strain for the faint of heart or taste buds.

For a more pleasant experience, try vaping the cultivar instead. It’ll mellow out the taste of grass and smoke, and make for a more pleasant, less throat-scratchy experience. For beginners or low-tolerance users, the experience might not be the most pleasant. But as Cascade takes you on its colorful trip, the taste is definitely a small price to pay.


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