Where to Buy Hemp Pre-Rolls Near You

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Hemp pre-rolls are some of the most convenient hemp products you can find. Ready to puff, these pre-rolled joints offer fresh hemp flowers that are prepped and ready as soon as you get your hands on them. All you need to do is light and puff.

Because they are so convenient, most hemp users gravitate towards pre-rolls. But if you’re struggling to find quality hemp pre-rolls near you, then this short guide should lead you in the right direction.

Places to Buy Hemp Pre-Rolls

To cope with the demand, more and more vendors are offering hemp pre-rolls through various channels. Some online and others face-to-face, these vendors saturate the market with options so you can find a fresh batch of pre-rolls to satisfy your urges.

Smoke Shops and Convenience Stores

So they might not be the most glamorous option, but they sure can be reliable. Smoke shops and convenience stores often offer a selection of hemp products that are not merely isolated to pre-rolls.

Things like CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, and raw flowers often line the shelves of these easy-access physical stores to cater to people caught in a bind. Of course, they can be slightly more expensive than what you would get at a dedicated dispensary.

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On top of that, head shops are notorious for selling products that might not be on par with specialty stores. That’s because their products don’t go through the same rigorous inspections as dedicated hemp vendors’. But if you need a quick fix, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Hemp Dispensary

These specialty stores offer hemp pre-rolls and other hemp products exclusively. What sets them apart from convenience stores and head shops is that they’re not necessarily targeted at customers who need a quick fix.

Keener on selecting products that offer higher quality and potency, hemp dispensaries pay more attention to strains and varieties. It’s also more likely that you’ll find hemp pre-rolls with matching lab reports when you shop from these stores.

Keep in mind though that, unlike convenience stores that are open 24 hours, dispensaries have operating hours and may even be closed on certain days of the week. On the upside, some of them will entertain curbside pickup for local customers for added shopping convenience.

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Online Hemp Vendors

You can’t go wrong with an online vendor. These guys literally saturate the web and offer their products to anyone and every one of the right age and in the right locality. Some of these vendors also offer expedited shipping so you can get your pre-rolls within a few days of purchase.

What’s nice about shopping for hemp pre-rolls online is that you have a wider selection to choose from. Reviews also make it easier to narrow down viable vendors since most of these brands make customer feedback available to the public.

Of course, the only downside is that you would have to wait a little longer than shopping in person. If you’re buying from a vendor within your state, then you might be able to get your hands on the product in just 24 hours.

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How to Choose Hemp Pre-Rolls

Not all pre-rolls are created equal. And because no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on joints that don’t provide the results they promise, it’s important to perform your fair share of due diligence to make sure you’re getting the genuine article.

Here’s what you can do to guarantee that you’re buying pre-rolls that fit the bill.

  • Check for lab reports – You can never go wrong by asking for lab reports. These tests showcase the quality of the hemp inside the joints. By inspecting the results, you can see for certain how much cannabinoids (and THC) your pre-rolls contain.

Remember that since pre-rolls also resemble marijuana products, having lab reports at the ready should just make it easier for you to wiggle your way out of a sticky situation in case the authorities question your stash for whatever reason.

  • Inspect storage methods – This is for when you’re shopping for pre-rolls in person. How did the store keep its stock on display? Are they propped up against a window where they could be exposed to direct sunlight and heat?

Keep in mind that things like this can alter the chemistry of the product itself. Thus, make it a point to ask for fresh stock from the back room just to make sure you’re not getting products that could have been exposed to harmful elements.

  • Read reviews – Even head shops and convenience stores have Facebook pages these days. So it’s not too hard to find information on what other customers have experienced with the shop you’re looking to purchase from.

Beware however of shills. Some vendors and shops have been known to pay people to leave positive reviews. These fake reviews don’t actually reflect the true quality of the vendor and may fool you into buying from a store that doesn’t really meet expectations.

  • Look into strains – Pre-rolls use different CBD hemp strains, so your experience could change depending on the flower inside. Sativa strains are more stimulating, while indica varieties tend to provide a more relaxing experience.

Some vendors even go as far as detailing the terpenes contained in their products. This helps buyers asses the effects and flavors before they even make a purchase.

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Over to You

CBD hemp pre-rolls can be convenient, easy, and effective. So it’s really no wonder how they’ve become so popular over the course of hemp’s legality. But remember that not all pre-rolls have your best interest at heart.

Always purchase your products from trusted vendors and shops that take the time to guarantee their pre-rolls quality. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for lab reports just to give you that added ounce of consumer confidence.

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