T1 / Trump Clones Review – Why Grow This Cultivar

In honor of the always outrageous and brazen “45,” T1 takes the name Trump because it is a bold and bristly high CBD hemp clone that is “huuuuge!” (actually, it’s quite short and fat, but who needs facts?) Perfect for botanical extraction applications, T1 Trump contains 20% CBD, 0.7428% CBG and a CBD/THC ratio of 32 to 1.

Those who are looking to grow clones in a short period of time should definitely pick this one up as it has an average flowering time of just 45 days.

Crossbred from Indica and Sativa parents, the T1 cultivar possesses all of the allure of each without the large volume of THC inherent in Sativa strains. Sharing the anxiolytic qualities of Afghan Skunk and the many botanical attributes of Wife, the T1 cultivar will keep you calm in these ever more troubling times.

Harvesting T1 CBD clones will result in robust hemp flowers with fruity notes, fantastic hairs and the ability to instill well-being and hours of gentle tranquility. T1 has all of the stimulation associated with Sativa strains minus the potential freakout.

T1 Trump has taken the hemp industry by storm and is poised to become a mainstay in the ensuing months. Our experts project that this will be a bestseller in the final quarter of 2019 thanks to its brave name and boss parentage.

This cultivar will give you fibrous, oily nugs with more yellow hairs than the Commander-in-Chief himself. With buds that waft with the aroma of soft cheese, maple and pine trees, you’ll know when your clones have bloomed.

Industry leading genetics and discriminating selection make this one quite remarkable. Planted on five foot centers, T1 Trump averaged approximately 2,600 lbs of dry plant material per acre in 2019.

CBD hemp seed planting

Sturdy and resolute, it can perform well in brutal heat and against all environmental opposition. Those who grow it can anticipate top notch bag appeal and a raucous terpene profile. Roughly 70% of phenotypes exhibit orange flower colorization once harvest time has come around.

Earthy and chunky with white crystal trichomes, T1 nugs will bowl you over with their bright color and earthy scent. Those who invest in this one will be able to grow voluminous amounts of high CBD clones across a wide swath of land.

This extremely compliant strain will doubtlessly be the subject of many reviews in the future as it grows in abundance. Ideal for isolates, edibles and more, T1 Trump is taking the nation by storm.

Stable, sustainable and satisfying, T1 Trump gets the job done, earning a salute from those who recognize its biodiversity and optimal quality. Grown in our in-house facilities, this cultivar is contamination-free and built for mass production.

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