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The Best Type of Hemp Clone to Grow for High CBD Content

It’s the million dollar question among those looking to create their own sustainable crop. What is the best type of hemp clone to grow for high CBD content?

The answer is one that may come as a bit of a surprise. Really, it can be any clone that is appropriately modified from several different hemp plants. It all comes down to the mothers of your CBD hemp clones. Here at Industrial Hemp Farms, our clones undergo an intricate selection process in which we identify the most genetically superior high CBD hemp strains.

Once we have selected said strains, we stress them almost to the point of no mercy. This process allows us to see every possible sign of hermaphroditic tendencies. We rotate our lighting schedule on a frequent basis, often increasing intensity and spectrum until our strains begin to herm.

At this point, it is important to closely monitor all characteristics of each strain while adhering to what some might even call an extravagant nutrient application schedule. By implementing stimulation, simulation and periodic deprivation, we suss out all hermaphroditic plants by way of exertion. All of our CBD hem mothers are kept in a cutting edge growth and maintenance facility where they are exposed to filters, sprayers and blue LED diodes. Each of them is maintained on root radiant heat mats. Nutrients are fed at regular intervals and air is slowly introduced after thorough scrutiny and an extended maturation period.

When choosing a hemp clone, you want to take care to use plants with an optimal parentage. One of the best high CBD hemp mothers is Lifter, a strain with a dominant terpene profile consisting of a-Bisabolol, a-Pinene, b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Phytol, among others. Lifter CBD hemp plants are nearly impervious to humidity, and grow big and strong, producing just the right kind of cuttings for clone production. What’s more, they generally flower within no more than 70 days.

In order to facilitate ideal production, we use only the best organic rooting compounds and an in-house formula that makes it possible for us to implant our clones directly into germination soil. Our hemp mothers are characterized by their tall, fibrous stalks and their innate essential amino acids.

Each is a specially bred cultivar that ensures only the highest levels of CBD. We strongly believe that the greatest sustainable hemp clones should provide a full spectrum profile of terpenes and phytocannabinoids. This is why our selection process is so rigorous; only by being discerning and stringent will you grow strong, CBD-rich hemp clones. Of all of the many high CBD hemp hybrids that can be used, the following is our list of the top CBD hemp mothers to consider when growing your clones.

When you’re looking to clone a hemp plant, always remember that when growing plants from seeds, you must expect a considerable amount of genetic variation. Plant sizes will vary greatly during the vegetative growth stage, resulting in varying quality of hemp flower.

Always plan everything out before clipping and keep in mind that you will need several mother plants in order to get an adequate amount of cuttings. If you are using shears, be careful not to crush the stem.

For the best results, expect to aim for an 18-20 hour photo period with moderate light that you can control. Prepare to slowly intensify light levels throughout vegetative growth. Once your cuttings have rooted, be ready to provide a viable acclimatization period, one in which you increase light levels and reduce humidity.

By following these steps and using the recommended strains, you will be able to grow viable high CBD hemp clones like a boss.

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