Hemp Biomass to Winterized Crude Toll-Processing

If you are a farmer that needs to offload extra hemp flower or biomass inventory for storage, then toll processing is a great option. With toll-processing, we process your extra biomass or flower and convert it into decarboxylated winterized crude oil. This can be done on a $ per lb cost or on a 50/50 split. We can further process the decarboxylated crude into CBD isolate or distillate on an input rate.

Why Choose Our Hemp Biomass to Crude Tolling Service?

Industrial Hemp Farms is a leading name in the CBD hemp farming space. We are more than just a lab with a strong focus on wholesale from seed to sale. Our numerous clients and great reputation makes us a stellar choice for your CBD extraction and processing needs.

When you choose our tolling service, you know that you will be dealing with one of the best in the business. You will also be solidifying a connection with a prominent hemp company which will more than likely bring more business to your farm in the future. We work with many farmers on futures contracts and make frequent purchases of biomass and flower from our farming connections. Both farmers and clients trust us because we are not a broker and store our biomass, flower, trim and crude direct at our facilities.

Cost for Biomass to Crude Tolling in Colorado

Many farmers in Colorado work with us directly as well as farmers in Oregon, North Carolina, Kentucky and other states. Our industrial hemp transport service can safety handle the logistics of your hemp processing material to our facility. On a cost per pound of industrial hemp we charge: $25 per pound to convert into decarboxylated crude.

The other option is a toll-processing profit share. In this model, we process the material for free and split the finished material 50/50. You can keep the 50% of finished product or sell directly to us at current market rate. Or we can process your crude into THC-free distillate for another $1000 input per liter.

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