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Partner Hemp Associations

IHF LLC is a proud sponsoring member of the following hemp industry associations:

National Hemp Association

We are a non-profit corporation created to encouraging trade and discourse among hemp professionals. We are dedicated to the development of the domestic industrial hemp industry. This goal will be attained by coordinating legislation, agricultural organizations, farmers, processors, manufacturers, and retailers. The promotion of the industrial hemp industry is congruent with the desire to improve the environment through production and utilization of hemp farming and products. We see a direct relationship between the products we use and stewardship of the land. Read More…



Hemp Industries Association

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is a non-profit trade organization for hemp companies based in the United States and Canada. The membership-based Association was founded in 1994 in
Scottsdale, Arizona by a group of hemp business owners and activists with the cannabis activist and author Chris Conrad as a leading figure who also served as the organization’s first president.Since 1994, the HIA represents hemp companies, farmers, researchers and supporters of the hemp production in the United States, and recognizes the following collaborative partners within the USA: U.S. Hemp Roundtable, American Herbal Products Association, and U.S. Hemp Authority™, Drug Policy Alliance and FAAAT. Read More…