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Hawaiin Express

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36 reviews for Hawaiian Express CBD Flower

  1. Muchacho (verified owner)

    Pleased w/ my first CBD purchase. It had nice sized buds, a potent odor, and was fresh & sticky. And still cheaper than CBD buds from a dispensary

  2. Damon Brown (verified owner)

    Nice fresh 🌴

  3. Damon Brown (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  4. A J (verified owner)

    Fragrant, sticky, bright green buds. My favorite so far!

  5. Izaiaha Hayes (verified owner)

    great strain, it gave me the energy and pain relief I needed for work. totally buying it in the future.

  6. renravesorahsatan (verified owner)

    Great strain for me, I mixed it with some cannabis flower for a 1:1 ratio, great combo. I will try it again soon!

  7. Anthony Miller (verified owner)

    Looked and smelled great. Honestly has a very high quality presentation

  8. Smallz (verified owner)

    Beyond incredible speechless the aroma when I cracked it open the buds are nice sticky breaks up nice taste perfect u ROCK!!!!!!

  9. Max222 (verified owner)

    LIES!!! I tried this code and didn’t work

    You guys are falling off bad… last time order from IHF i got a big bad of trim (SHAKE)!! and was super dry and seedy… idk if I’ll order from y’all again any time soon

    NONE of their products look like the pictures.. you don’t know what you’ll get till it arrives, most likely it’s dry and seedy #BLAM

  10. Zack Reeb (verified owner)

    First time ordering cbd flower online and I am very impressed. As this is my first strain, I have nothing to compare it to but it smells and tastes phenomenal. Will definitely be back

  11. Shane Schmidt (verified owner)

    I tried this one, it’s ok

  12. Greenman (verified owner)

    Thankfully this was not my first purchase here. Flowers were nice but roughly half my weight was loose leaf (shake). Not sure if this is the norm with this product. Not really happy due to this being hand trimmed……

  13. Damon Brown


  14. Michael Bedford (verified owner)

    100% CBD awesomeness…relaxed buzzed focused…nice body high…the first CBD I ever smoked was Hawaiian Haze…this is better…no bad side effects at all…super chill strain. 5 stars.

  15. William Dixon (verified owner)

    Great Cbd flower.

  16. akita

    Total typically get wife CBS flower. Switching up and trying Hawaiian express. Use for anxiety And arthritis both. These folks are BETTER than others. They’re not “stingy” with the product. And fair with pricing.

  17. Mchambers (verified owner)

    It smells nice and smokes well. Was very relaxing and euphoric.

  18. Alfredo Torres (verified owner)

    I had a spinal fusion surgery. I still have a lot of pain and am tired of popping pills. I ordered this Hawaiian Express since it was new. Mi initial order was a gram. My next order the night I smoked it was an ounce. It gave me relief. My muscles weren’t tight. I felt relaxed and felt happy. I was able to make it through the night sleeping without waking up because I was hurting. I love it.

  19. Some guy🖕

    Don’t buy this, please don’t, I want it all; OK!
    A serious lol, word to your mother…

  20. Steve Confer

    4 stars, I give it 5 bigguns. I can’t tell a difference, no one else can either; BOOM! Price potency aroma taste…ka freaking boom!

  21. John (verified owner)

    Honestly been shopping here for about 2 years and this is the terpiest flower they have on menu looks and smells great

  22. David N (verified owner)

    By far the nicest buds I’ve purchased from IHF! Big, sticky, perfectly trimmed nuggets of CBD goodness! And the effects are spot on!

  23. Wild Bill (verified owner)

    Oh my god this stuff is great ! I absolutely love it. I got some to try & I will definitely be buying some more of this stuff. Highly recommended 👍🏻

  24. J.S. (verified owner)

    Was fresh cbd herb and smooth toke. Good for purchase and have enjoyed it. Thanks.

  25. Rich

    Great flower, left me with a nice relaxed feeling. Didn’t sink into my couch lmao but was able to have a good nights rest. In my top 5 CBD flowers.

  26. Daniel Morris (verified owner)

    Great flower

  27. Matthew

    I really like this flower. It tastes so good and gives that nice laid back feeling. Thank you IHF!

  28. Meyd1 (verified owner)

    I bought 2 ozs at the sale price, good smell, taste, and effects, not to mention awesome price. You owe it to yourself to try this before it is gone.

  29. Ttiera Downing (verified owner)

    Great taste , pine smell, stick buds . Looks amazing

  30. Jonac86 (verified owner)

    Best cbd bud I have smoke great product highly recommend.

  31. Johnny (verified owner)

    I’ll be honest. At first, I was afraid to try this due to the price–thinking it must be dry or something. However, upon receiving it, the smell let me know how fresh it actually is. And then upon smoking I was greeted to what I call a “chill focus” where I am relaxed, but very present in the moment and into whatever I am doing. Needless to say, I am impressed with this company and will be doing business with y’all again. Thank you!

  32. Snoodocker (verified owner)

    Very high quality flower with a nice upbeat sativa feel to it. The buds are beautifully trimmed, med.density and an awesome smell that only Hawaiian Haze & Pineapple Express could give off! Citrus dankness and a steal @ current price so get in while ya can.

  33. Raymond Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Great buds nice condensed and really sticky stinky and dank smells very fresh keep up the quality work guys 👍🏽

  34. Roger Harmon (verified owner)

    Love this stuff

  35. Hey_Zues (verified owner)

    This is a phenomenal flower with an affordable price. The taste and smell is soothing along with the relaxing sensation after smoking. I would certainly recommend this bud.

  36. Photostarz (verified owner)

    I received this flower yesterday and tried it out this morning. This flower has a very fresh feel, very sticky. It has a very fruity flavor with a banging nose! The terps are definitely profound in this flower. You absolutely will not go wrong with this offering! 🔥

    Kudos to the IHF staff!

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