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Green Gas CBD Hemp Flower

Green Gas CBD Hemp Flower

(9 customer reviews)

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Certificate of Analysis
Green Gas

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  • 0.3% Total THC Compliant
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Top-Shelf Flower

Certificate of Analysis
Green Gas


Green Gasoline, or Green Gas for short, is named as such because of its pungent, gasoline-like smell. Tastes great, smokes superbly.

9 reviews for Green Gas CBD Hemp Flower

  1. Jason Donovan (verified owner)

    Green gas is top shelf, ordered 14 grams, I ordered a ounce magic Jordan, now I wish got ounce of green gas instead, magic Jordan is good, it’s more of a morning strain, great uplift, but I like a all day strain, zskittles is my favorite, green gas almost as good, great looking buds, gas

  2. hathawaybm (verified owner)

    Light feeling, fine taste, upper tier!

  3. Mike S (verified owner)

    This gas is high octane! The buds look decent, but smell and taste phenomenal and the effects are wonderful!

  4. Justin Moschella (verified owner)

    I only purchase “Top Shelf” Flower, and this has been my favorite strain. Great buds, and a great smooth, calm smoke. Must Try, I was very impressed !!!

  5. Julian O’Connor (verified owner)

    My favorite strain so far!! The smoke was chill, the taste was lovely and the smell is incredible!!
    This strain does wonders for a great nights sleep!

    Industrial Hemp Farms is like Santa Claus for Adults Lol, They know their stuff and they serve it with outstanding quality! This one is definitely worth trying and adding to anyone’s daily regimen!!!

  6. Chris Gray (verified owner)

    Great relaxing strain. Good smell, good taste, good for nighttime.

  7. Bnels0420 (verified owner)

    Awesome smoke, has a gassy smell and a great buzz 10/10

  8. PeteDaheat (verified owner)

    I should of ordered more of this one! Real smooth and great tasting! I recommend for sure 👍🏻

  9. Bigcbd38 (verified owner)

    This is legit my favorite strain so far. I love indicas and this is the one for me. After a 12 hour shift and i nice meal i hit the BP a few times and drift off to sleep. You will not regret this strain.

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