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Green Dream CBG Flower

(4 customer reviews)

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Green Dream







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4 reviews for Green Dream CBG Flower

  1. Erika Jacobs (verified owner)

    I ordered some about a month ago and my partner that has tourettes, ocd, ptsd, and panic attacks says cbg really helps him. It feels more helpful than cbd. He says it calms a specific nerve down that’s in his spine so after trying this strand for the first time, made him want to explore cbg more.

  2. Integrity1981 (verified owner)

    I looooooove this Green Dream CBG. Has calmed me n made me all chill, but cheery. Ordering again soon!

  3. Jeremy Wheatley (verified owner)

    Green Dream! This strain was a very pleasant surprise. I ordered for the CBG and it delivered! Super relaxing effect. As someone that has battled with intermittent insomnia for over 20 years I was amazed at the feeling of being able to just close my eyes and fall sleep with no effort at all. Honestly it makes me pass out if I’m not careful.

    With minimal dosing, 1 bowl, 4-5 hits I was completely medicated. A little will go a long way. The aroma is piney, peppery, gassy, and the buds are beautiful frosty light green with orange hairs. This strain put CBG on my radar and I HIGHLY recommend. (^_^)

  4. Snoodocker (verified owner)

    I ordered some Green Dream (green gas+blue dream=) right when it came out few mos.ago and was not able to post review then. I have to give this flower a HUGE shout out for the CBG variety it is. Huge buds w beautiful colors and frosty trichomes👌. Dont miss out on this one if you’ve been holding back due to no reviews. Its FANTASTIC!

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