Green Crack Cannabis Strain Review

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Green Crack Cannabis Strain

Delivering a sharp jolt of vibrant energy, the Green Crack strain pretty much already tells you what’s up by its name. Don’t stress out though – this stuff is one hundred percent organic. Through careful cultivation and the tedious crossbreeding of choice herbs, the Green Crack strain comes at you with a flurry of effects that can make you feel like you’ve hit the hard stuff.

Hijacking both mind and body, this strain banishes all sorts of stress and discomfort, and swallows up fatigue. The total disposition turn-around can have you feeling like you’ve struck energy gold, giving you a jolt of well-needed vigor to see you through a taxing day. Invigorating, revitalizing, and refreshing, the Green Crack herb might sound a little intimidating. But at the end of the day, this herb really just works to take away tiredness and make you feel up to the challenge – whatever it might be.


The Origins of the Green Crack Strain

Most cannabis strains bring together genetics from two parent strains, but that’s not the story with the Green Crack variety. The direct descendant of one of the best known and most used cannabis backbones on the market, the Green Crack cultivar was a phenotype that was bred with itself repeatedly until it became a stable strain capable of being reproduced. And thus, it was able to establish itself as its own cannabis variety.

But despite having just one parent, the Green Crack strain descends from one of the most well-known heavyweights to have ever hit the cannabis market – the Skunk. With its ultra-iconic genetics and aroma, the Skunk strain’s chemistry exists in every strain that demonstrates the same signature pungent stench. In fact, its intense flavor and odor have made the Skunk herb a common choice for farmers in search of that perfect element to add a touch of whimsy and uniqueness to their commodities.

More than its taste and smell however, the Skunk also touts impressive effects that lean slightly to the sativa side. Its high energy buzz is almost as intense as the Green Crack strain, but with a more relaxed overall profile, the Skunk does shine through with hints of indica properties that mellow everything out and add relaxation to the overall encounter.


Green Crack Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

With a look that’s characteristic of the classic strains from the 90’s, the Green Crack strain can catch the attention of any well-knowing cannabis expert. Its deep green leaves don’t have the fanciful streaks of pink, purple, and blue that more modern cannabis varieties like to showcase, and instead brandish a simplistic green and yellow depth that might look a little basic to the inexperienced buyer.

But what really gives its intense chemistry away is its wild trichome expression. Responsible for the production and release of the resin that contains both cannabinoids and terpenes, these fine little hairs cover all of the surfaces of the nugs to form a blanket of white, snowy goodness. To the touch, the sticky hairs can leave a film on the fingers as the tacky resin clings to your skin.

And of course, because it is the direct descendant of the Skunk variety, you should expect the strain’s snout to be pretty offensive. We’re not talking a little earthy pungence – it’s a full-on, in your face, knock you out kind of stink that can really feel offensive for the inexperienced cannabis buyer. For veterans however, the stench can be a great way to revisit some of the classics that aren’t so easy to find these days.


Green Crack terpene profile


Experience and Effects

If there’s any way to describe the taste and effects of the Green Crack strain, it’s that there’s really no way to be able to prepare for them. The intensity of the stench already gives you a clue as to how the strain behaves as a smoke – and it’s wild. Stuffed into a pipe and lit on fire, this stuff releases a flavor that’s almost twice as offensive as its odor, so low tolerance users might find it to be far less than appealing. It’s also pretty itchy, so be prepared for any potential coughing fits.

As you get passed the initial surprise, the Green Crack takes yet another unexpected turn by driving you into elevated energy almost instantly. The fast acting effects are often tough to cope with if you’re a little bit of a newbie, since the changes can be pronounced and overwhelming. As though overloading your body with a sense of vigor, the Green Crack herb demands action.

The strong effects of the Green Crack variety can stick around for a pretty long time, so it’s best to make sure you’ve got a line up of things to-do before you take that first toke. And because the strain can be pretty in-your-face, it helps to know that you should probably have some experience before finally take the challenge.


Green Crack Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Green Crack strain is pretty easy to grow, albeit not giving the highest yield. The strain’s harvest averages just 1 to 3 ounces for every square foot of growth, so you might not call it a high profit herb. Nonetheless, it does grow to about 6 feet or more per plant, so you could get a pretty decent harvest nonetheless. Growing outdoors can be a suitable choice if you’re not too keen on smelling the skunk indoors. With the right care, this variety should showcase its mature flowers in about 7 weeks from the seed.


Who Is It For?

Just by smelling this stuff, you kind of already get an idea of who it might be ideal for. The strong skunk smell can deter low tolerance snouts and beginners, effectively narrowing down which users might actually get a kick from its interesting genetics. And because its effects aren’t any less lightweight than its smell and taste, the Green Crack strain really comes out as an herb that’s best reserved for those who know what a heavy-handid sativa hits like.



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