Grape Soda Cannabis Strain Review

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Grape Soda Cannabis Strain

Cap the evening off with a slow, steady drag of Grape Soda. Heavy, tranquilizing, and idle, the effects of this little-known strain make it the perfect way to end a tiring day. With its parade of fruity flavors spearheaded by a strong sour citrus and then tailed closely by grape, the strain offers a wild, flavor-packed ride that can soothe your senses and give you a well-deserved treat before you nod off.

Overpowering and even somewhat sensual, the Grape Soda strain is a must-have for cannabis-heads that struggle with sleep problems, or for those who simply want to load up on z’s after a long, stressful week of work.


The Origins of Grape Soda

Breeders are big on phenotype isolation. Through the process of selecting and back-crossing a specific strain phenotype with itself, countless brands have been able to come up with completely new herbs without having to go through the tedious process of breeding. That said, the Grape Soda strain was born specifically through this process.

By choosing Tahoe OG Kush samples that demonstrated distinct genetics, breeders were able to isolate the Grape Soda’s properties. After around 3 generations of back-crossing, the strain became a name of its own, demonstrating a unique flavor, aroma, and cannabinoid profile that could be replicated through cultivation.

Today, Grape Soda has yet to earn the same popularity as its ancestor, but it’s well on its way there. Its deep effects and glorious flavor have earned it a cult following, and has made it a fan favorite for those who want to conk out with no questions asked in between.


Grape Soda Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Well, she’s not called Grape Soda for nothing. As though it was dipped in a cold cup of grape soda, the strain showcases a blend of green and purple that give it truly eye-catching bag appeal. Its delicate tendrils – enveloping the nugs in a warm embrace – add dimension to the colors and make the bud look as though its intertwined in the fiery hair of a viking warrior.

Across the exterior, a delicate dusting of confectioner’s sugar gives the strain extra decorative appeal. As though encrusted in thousands of glistening diamonds, the candy-coated cultivar looks as though it was buried in snow and left there to freeze over, with its deep purple tones adding to the icy aesthetic.

The nose of the strain doesn’t meet expectations with disappointment. As its name suggests, the cultivar offers up a grape-like undertone that cradles the lemon, citrus scent that takes up the foreground of the encounter. In some cases, you might detect a bitter sandalwood backdrop that lingers as an after-scent.


Experience and Effects

Take a toke of this strain, and experience the full flavors of grape soda encapsulated in smoke. Thick sweet clouds flurry through the mouth and into the lungs without the abrasive, itchy feel. In their wake, they leave the sweetness of grape and hints of citrus and wood, with a slightly stronger diesel finish than its fragrance advertises. The taste can linger for a while after the last drag, leaving you to feel around your mouth with your tongue to seek out traces of the sweet fruit.

Slowly but surely, the impact of the strain should make itself known. To begin with, you’ll notice slowed breathing. As the cultivar relaxes your body, it encourages you to take deeper, slower breaths. Then, your eyelids start to feel puffy, making you want to close your eyes or fix your gaze on a steady item within your surroundings. At this point, your body might feel completely weighed down, as though being pinned to the nearest surface with the force of ten men.

As you lay down and count the seconds that pass, the strain will cradle you off into slumber. The uninterrupted nap can last for hours, and can stretch way beyond half a day if you’ve taken that much of the strain. Dreamless and idle, the kind of sleep delivered by the Grape Soda strain might be exactly what you need to fuel up after a hellish week.


Grape Soda Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

There isn’t a lot of information on the best practices for growing Grape Soda. However, we do know that the strain thrives well both indoors and outdoors. The high-yielding plant can produce a harvest of 6 ounces per foot, and may grow well over 6 feet in the right conditions. Its specific preferences remain undocumented, but experts recommend adding phosphorous rich fertilizer towards the end of its growth.

Because of its properties and its unique cannabinoid profile, the Grape Soda strain might be a suitable raw material for edibles. Formulating gummy candy using the strain for instance can be a wonderful way to encapsulate its effects in an easy to consume form. So if ever you feel the need to nod off, or if you need a little help falling asleep, then simply popping a Grape Soda gummy can help you achieve just that.

Keep in mind that the Grape Soda strain has specific cultivation requirements that might not be entirely clear. If you’re a newbie farmer in search of the ideal strain to try your new found farming skills, then you might be better off with an easier strain whose needs you can anticipate more accurately.


Who Is It For?

Whether you’re looking to escape the troubles of the world or if you just need a hand falling asleep, Grape Soda provides. The delectable strain packs tons of rich flavor and invigorates the senses with its deep grape flavor before you knocking you out into a state of uninterrupted, blissful sleep. It’s slow to act, but its powerful effects stick around well after that final drag.

For growers, the strain’s undocumented cultivation requirements might be a little daunting. That said, those with a keen eye for farming cannabis should be better equipped to bring Grape Soda to full maturity. Either way, if you’re interested in making your own cannabis-derived products, this cultivar’s flavor and effects make it a wonderful candidate for edibles.


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