Gorilla Glue Cannabis Strain Review

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Providing the perfect balance between sativa and indica effects, Gorilla Glue can easily adapt to your needs. This versatile cultivar is a 50-50 marriage of the main marijuana strain types, easily bending and molding to meet your unique preferences.

Delivering a lightheaded, full-body buzz, Gorilla Glue can magnetize you to your couch or keep you up and going for hours on end – depending on how much you use. And with that, it’s obvious that this strain can be the ideal choice if you enjoy the flexibility of a strain that doesn’t limit your experience.


Those who grow Gorilla Glue combine the qualities of Sour Diesel, Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel to produce the rich, dominating high that the Gorilla Glue strain is known for.

Sour Diesel

Called Sour D for short, Sour Diesel is a sativa-leaning strain that invigorates with its highly energetic combination of effects. The fast-acting strain packs a flavorful punch, awakening the senses with its potent sour taste and embracing your body with light, easy, euphoric energy that can see you through hours of productive work.

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Sour Dubb

Heavily indica-dominant, the Sour Dubb’s mysterious roots can only be assumed. This clone-only cultivar presents a flavor profile that’s highly reminiscent of the Sour Diesel strain, with the sole exception that it comes with far more relaxing effects that can cradle you to dreamland within minutes of your first toke.

Chem’s Sister

Also called Chem Sis, the Chem’s Sister strain is a sativa-leaning cultivar that first emerged in the late 90’s. its euphoric, uplifting, and mood-enhancing effects make it a favorite among those who wrestle with bouts of the blues. Strongly cerebral, this strain sucker punches its user with an overpowering skunky flavor that mixes together with sandalwood and mint for a truly unique experience.

Chocolate Diesel

As one of the many strains parented by Sour Diesel, you would think it redundant to have the same lineage incorporated twice to achieve a daughter cultivar. But breeding Chocolate Diesel with one of its parent strains couldn’t be more intelligent, mainly because of Chocolate Diesel’s deep, dark chocolate flavors with hints of invigorating coffee to give you a lip-smacking experience that will have you hankering for another drag.

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At a glance, Gorilla Glue boasts nugs with a mild density – buds are loosely packed and even larger samples weigh relatively less. Each nug combines a range of green hues, demonstrating lighter, paler greens with deep lush green undertones. As expected, orange hairs course through the bud, creating a stark contrast of high saturation that makes the strain especially appealing to the eye.

THC Content

Gorilla Glue can boast THC concentrations that soar up to 30%, making it one of the more potent choices available. Because it tends to be fluid in terms of its effects, there’s really no way to tell what you’ll get the next time you take a toke. For the most part, it’s recommended that you take doses in smaller amounts, working up to the kind of results you’re hoping to achieve.

Many of those who enjoy Gorilla Glue regularly claim that its effects tend to lean more towards the sativa side when taken in smaller amounts. But if you were hoping for hard-hitting, couch-locking relaxation, then heavier doses might be necessary.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

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Thanks to the heavily flavored parent strains that make up the Gorilla Glue cultivar, users of this specific variety can enjoy a symphony of flavors that come together to create a very distinct experience. At that first whiff, the strain exudes a hard-hitting lemon scent that it owes to its Sour parents. Subtle chocolate enveloped in skunky notes follow closely after, giving you hints of the Chocolate Diesel parent strain in the cultivar’s lineage.

Taste-wise, the same flavors make themselves known in the pretty much the same way. A strong lemon taste comes first, followed by deep chocolate, coffee, and skunk that dominate the taste buds. At the end, a strong gasoline finish completes the melodious combination of flavors, taking you through every kind of taste all in one sweet ride.

Gorilla Glue Effects

As a 50-50 indica-sativa strain, the Gorilla Glue cultivar brings forth a collection of effects that combine relaxation and energy, helping you achieve the best of both worlds in one potent package.


Often described as ‘heady’, much of the Gorilla Glue’s effects are centered on the head, giving you a light, airy feeling of clarity and calm. Many also claim that the strain brings a pleasant sense of carefree light-headedness that relieves stress and relaxes the senses.


The combination of euphoria and relaxation produced by Gorilla Glue can give off a feeling of well-being, improving the mood and lifting away physical tension to encourage a positive sense of self.

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Despite offering relaxation benefits, Gorilla Glue doesn’t dominate with sedation. Instead, it restores depleted energy levels, keeping you productive, albeit at a slower pace.


Take a little more of the strain, and you can expect to enter a state of couch-lock. At higher doses, Gorilla Glue can make you feel the need to stay stuck to your seat as the heady effects take over, cleanse your thoughts, and give you supreme clarity that works wonders for those who need to take a break.


The Gorilla Glue strain is perfect for first-time growers because of its high-tolerance that allows the cultivar to grow in a range of environments. The strain is also particularly high-yield, which means you get more for every seed you plant compared to more temperamental strains.


Ensure warmer conditions when growing outdoors. Anticipate buds to reach full maturity after the 10-week mark. Avoid planting in areas where the temperatures drop 10 degrees at night from the daytime warmth.


Keep the plant in a warm space with limited humidity. When possible, guarantee a stable source of light to promote healthy growth.

Similar Strains

Loving Gorilla Glue? There’s a high chance you might enjoy these strains just the same:

  • Abusive OG
  • Banana Peel
  • Buckeye Purple
  • C4
  • Chocolate Fondue
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  • Rx

image of similar hemp strains


Here’s what Gorilla Glue users have to say about this potent cultivar:

  • I’m a first-time grower and holy moly, I didn’t expect to get this much out of my first harvest. I’m gonna make a fortune off of this stuff.
  • The effects are exactly what I need. Just wish it didn’t taste so bitter.
  • It’s hard to want to eat anything when you’re on chemo, but this makes me want to chow down on everything I see.
  • Glides easy and it doesn’t get your throat all scratchy during use. Ideal for low-tolerance guys like me.

Final Thoughts

Powerful, invigorating, relaxing, and uplifting, you might say that Gorilla Glue is an all-around solution for most of the problems you might want to address with a world-class cannabis strain. With its distinct flavor profile, fast acting, and long-lasting effects, you can be certain you’re maxing out your money’s worth with this gorilla of a strain.

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