Goliath Hemp Strain Review

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Bringing a mammoth portion of calm, the Goliath strain delivers day’s end benefits that calm and clarify. Relatively undocumented, this strain comes as the direct descendant of a landrace, so its flavors and aromas might seem monotonous and uni-faceted.

Slow, controlled, and introspective, Goliath defeats stress, discomfort, and all of their armies to bring you to a higher sphere of consciousness and calm. Of course, the initial smoke might not make you feel too relaxed with its sharp plumes and unsavory flavor, but the benefits will definitely make up for it.


Goliath Hemp Strain Background

Goliath has been around for decades because it descends from just a single-parent strain. The child of a landrace, Goliath rings well with veterans who enjoy strains that do away with the fancy hybrid genetics that complicate their flavor profile and effects.

Close to the original African landrace, Goliath is fast-acting, long-lasting, and in many ways, one-dimensional. But despite its simplified fragrance, flavor, and effects, Goliath hits hard with its greatest strength which is a deep-reaching relaxation that impacts the mind, body, and soul.


Goliath Hemp Genetics

The reason why Goliath remains so perfectly uncomplicated is that it only has a single-parent strain. The child of the African landrace, Goliath takes after its predecessor and delivers effects and aromas that almost exactly mimic the African.

African Landrace

image of african landrance

A landrace is simply a variety of hemp that existed before humans thought to get creative with grafting and hybridizing hemp strains. The African landrace pertains to the original hemp strain that grew in Africa before human cultivation and intervention were a thing.

The African landrace is a pungent energizing strain that awakens its user with that first whiff. Skunky and musky, the strain’s smell might not be too enticing to the average user and may take some getting used to.

But more than just waking up your senses with a strong pow of skunky stench, the African landrace also works to wake up your system with its Sativa-leaning effects. Electrifying and energetic, the African landrace masterfully charges through your system with elevating effects that excite both mind and body.

Often advertised as a pre-workout strain for its sheer intensity, the African landrace is the kind of strain you’d want to take before strenuous activity or simply before you power through the day’s responsibilities.


Goliath Flavor and Appearance

There’s not a lot to ogle at with a nug of Goliath. For starters, the strain appears remarkably dull and dry. Blending together tones of brown and green, the strain lacks any of the fancy bells and whistles that give other options more dynamic, appealing, colorful aesthetics.

But there’s so much more to a hemp strain than just the way it looks. The fact that Goliath is just one generation away from a landrace proves that it’s as close to untouched, natural hemp as possible.

Without the intervention of cultivators who actively practice techniques that change and alter the appearance of their harvest, Goliath manages to maintain the original look and feel of hemp — the way nature intended.

image of goliath hemp strain appearance

And while its appearances might not captivate you as you browse the shelves, its aroma — or odor — definitely triggers the curious cats. As you crack open a jar of fresh Goliath, you’re smacked right in the kisser with a cocktail of nasty notes.

Skunk, wood, and jet engine fuel are just some of the scents you might pick up on. The musky, earthy, bitter aroma takes the nose hostage and may induce a visceral recoil as your body pulls away from the offensive sensory encounter.

Needless to say, the same properties trickle into the flavor department. Bitter, unrefined, and just downright nasty, Goliath’s taste profile isn’t what you would recommend to your hemp newbie friends.

Its smoke — produced in thick, dark plumes — scrapes along the sides of the throat, scratching up your pipes and conjuring up an enraged coughing session, even for those with slightly more hemp smoking experience.


Effects of Goliath Hemp

So, what exactly can you expect to get out of a dose of Goliath? Interestingly enough, although its predecessor was mainly stimulating, Goliath is a slow-moving behemoth that brings with it a tidal wave of calm.

Keep in mind though that the experience changes for everyone. Product quality remains wildly inconsistent across the board. Add in the fact that different people have different tolerances and body chemistry, then it’s plain to see why you might experience different effects altogether.

Nevertheless, here are the benefits most commonly associated with Goliath:

  • Mental clarity
  • Full body relief and calm
  • Productive, steady disposition
  • Upbeat mood
  • Stress relief
  • Creative headspace

image of goliath hemp strain effects

Although it does lean slightly to the indica side, Goliath doesn’t cause sleepiness or drowsiness unless taken in excess. So it’s perfect for times when you want to calm down but not conk out.


Who Needs Goliath Hemp?

Goliath finds its purpose among users who want to take the edge off without losing their sense of productivity and motivation. The strain banishes all apprehension and stress, leaving your mind clear and ready to take on complicated challenges.

So if you were looking to relax without totally giving up on your daily routine, then a dose of Goliath might serve you well.

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