Golden Haze Strain Review

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Just like staring into the golden halo of a calming beachfront sunset, the Golden Haze strain brings a relaxing experience that will soothe your senses and push your breathing into a steady, slow pace. The indica-leaning cultivar is strong yet regulated, taking over your entire body without stealing away the steering wheel. In effect, you get a systemic sense of calm collectedness that puts your self-controlled consciousness at the driver’s seat.


The result of two award-winning parent strains, the Golden Haze cultivar is poised to win an accolade of its own, slowly but surely gaining enough traction in the industry to establish a name outside of its ancestors’ tall shadows.

Super Silver Haze

With some of the most prominent cannabis heavyweights as its parents, the Super Silver Haze cultivar was bred to be winner. This strain was the king of the High Times Cannabis Cup three years in a row, thanks to its long-lasting, hard-hitting, fast-acting pure sativa qualities that inspire a pupil-dilating high with pure energy at its core.

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Amnesia Haze

Earthy, citrusy, and fruity, Amnesia Haze pretty much takes your cognition hostage throughout the duration of its effects. This Sativa Cup first-placer delivers the quintessential energy high, vibrating with power, vitality, and euphoria that you can only expect from a true-blue Sativa cultivar.


Born, raised, and bred in Amsterdam, the Golden Haze cultivar boasts eye-popping bag appeal that betrays its foreign roots. The pale green nugs have hints of bright yellow hues peeping through its cracks and each bud is covered in a dense layer of crystallized trichomes, creating the look of a hazy fog, thus the strain’s name.

THC Content

Beware – the Golden Haze strain definitely looks like a charming sample just begging to be plucked out of the shelf. But it’s definitely not for just anyone. With THC levels that soar well over 25%, this cultivar packs a knock-out blend of indica-dominant effects that can easily have you magnetized to your couch for hours.

First timer and low tolerance users are advised to try the strain in small amounts. Make sure you’re in a safe familiar place, and that you’ve got a trusted friend present if you’re trying cannabis for the first time through Golden Haze.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

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Strong herbal and spicy scents take front and center with the Golden Haze cultivar. The aroma essentially fights its way out of the package, hitting you right in the kisser the moment you break the seal. During the toke, the same strong herbal flavors dance on the tongue, caressing your taste buds with a tangy end note. A strong gasoline undertone lingers in the backdrop of the taste experience, creating a deep, multi-faceted flavor that’s complete, full, and dynamic.

Effects of Golden Haze

You might describe the Golden Haze strain as a tranquilizing cultivar that sedates the body, clears up mental bandwidth, and relieves physical tension to give rise to a full-body hush. But despite quelling all the internal noise that might keep you from reaching peak relaxation, Golden Haze keeps your cognition intact. The result? A floaty, feathery feeling that you can remember every minute of.


The feeling of stillness, calm, and absolute silence – that’s what Golden Haze brings to your body. As the smoke rushes through your lungs, the cultivar’s effects manifest first in your head, relieving stress, and negative thoughts to clear away your mental attic.


You know how staring into the deep orange-gold horizon at sunset kind of stirs your thoughts and makes you feel all contemplative and stuff? Golden Haze is exactly the same, only you’re probably going to be in your bedroom slowly chowing down on a bowl of cold cereal while your fluorescent lights hum in the background.


Unlike other strains that make it impossible to remember what happened exactly while you were on your high, Golden Haze is impressively lucid. So, while you’re tripping on the feather-light feeling that the strain brings about, you can be sure that your cognition will stay pretty much intact throughout the whole ride.

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If it’s your first-time cultivating cannabis, then there’s no better way to get started on your new hobby than with a bunch of Golden Haze seeds. The strain is especially easy to bring to maturity, highly resistant to a load of the pests that other cannabis strains might be prone to.

Keep your plant in warm conditions, water sparingly, and make sure you give it enough space to thrive. You should see some flowers within 7 to 9 weeks after sowing the seeds.


The Golden Haze strain is a bit of a homebody, growing particularly well indoors. While humidity is known to cause rot and fungal infection, the strain seems to be relatively less prone. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure you evaporate excess moisture anyway just to be on the safe side.


You can basically toss your seeds anywhere and watch them grow. But just for the sake of formality, it would be ideal to sow them in a patch of semi-dry loamy soil. Allow enough space for the roots to expand, and provide water as needed. The more sun your plant gets, the more flavorful it will be and the higher its THC.

Similar Strains

So, your local supplier just ran out of Golden Haze. Good thing there are a handful of other cultivars that bring an experience that’s almost exactly like the Golden Haze trip.

  • NYC Diesel
  • White Widow
  • Purple Diesel
  • Green Crack
  • Silver Haze
  • AK-47


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Hey, there’s no such thing as the perfect strain. But with all the positive cred that Golden Haze is getting from its patronage, you might say this cultivar comes pretty close.

  • Honestly, I haven’t found any other strain that provided the same strong sense of calm as Golden Haze did. I love that I was present the whole time. I remember every single trip I had on this stuff, and it’s really a brand-new experience to be able to recall each minute.
  • I’m a first-time grower, so when I found that my Golden Haze plant was fully mature, I was pretty stoked. Really, if a noob like me can grow these nugs from seeds to fully developed flowers, I’m convinced anyone can do it.
  • It’s basically 1/4 THC. Be warned, she ain’t for the novice.

Final Thoughts

So maybe she’s not the best pick if you’re just starting to uncover the colorful and intricate world of cannabis strains. But for veterans and purists who want a truly indica experience, the Golden Haze strain delivers. Experience a lucid high and a full-body calm with the hazy golden nugs of this top-shelf pick.


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