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Golden Eagle Farms website

Golden Eagle Farms focuses on two core values, sustainability, and health. They have built a business that interacts with the earth and her people through hemp products through their values. They promote regeneratively farming hemp, so the resulting products are transformative for the planet and those who use them. The team of farmers has 15 years of experience growing hemp and cannabis. They have an on-site physician who helps with breeding and developing their flowers, as well as a passionate crew from around the world with a diverse set of skills and talents for nurturing cannabis.

The farms are completely natural and pesticide-free, so the plants are around rich natural wildlife such as turkeys and insects that protect the crop from harmful predators. The company believes wholeheartedly that the earth is a sacred place, aiming to integrate with nature.

Top Products from Golden Eagle

Since Golden Eagle is a hemp farm, most of its product is hemp flower. Every slower is perfectly trimmed so that it is free from seeds and stems. They have over ten strains of flower to choose from, so they will have what you are looking to get. Cherry wine is a top product they offer because it comes packed with earthy characteristics and a sweet aroma of cherry, black pepper, and hints of cheese. The strain contains diverse terpene profiles, so the effects will leave you calm and relaxed.

The Frosted web hemp flower has a green bud that is round and covered with amber hairs. The body of the nug has hairs that protrude alongside the green leaves. You can easily see the trichomes and that the flower is well cured. The strain is fire, and the aromas will provide you with a sense of warmth. Using this flower, peace and relaxation will consume you. The overall cannabinoid count of this flower s over 20%.

Golden Eagle Farms sweetened CBD hemp flower has a rose aromatic and underlying scents of umami. The flower is grown using organic regenerative methods. Using this method means that the flower is grown on soil that needs restoring because of degradation. By cultivating the flower regeneratively, it promotes the regeneration of the earth where it grows. The farm grows this flower on USDA-certified organic land. However, current laws do not permit that hemp be certified organic.

The wife CBD hemp flower is perfect for staying focused on work that you need to complete. The chunky round bulbs of flowers you get are full of limonene and prominent secondary terpenes. The total cannabinoid count on this flower is higher than 18%. The product will arrive at you in 100% compostable and recyclable packaging, showing how much the farm cares for the earth.

Golden Eagle Farms top products

If you want to grow flowers, the farm sells feminized hemp seeds and clones. The company cares about your success in growing, and they offer a map to show you which type of flower is best for growing in your region. They outline the conditions you need to cultivate their flower based on seasonal changes you will see throughout the year and climate.

What People Are Saying

Past customers on Reddit left fantastic reviews about the quality of flowers Golden Eagle Farms sells. A customer got half an oz of bud that was in a compostable bag and described the opening experience as euphoric, stating,” upon opening, I was greeted with a rich, strong aroma of sweet lemony gas funk, and a slight undertone of floral perfume.” When he began smoking the flower, he continued that the smoke was smooth and tasty. The aftereffects were potent and calming with a sense of warmth. Compared to other vendors, Golden Eagle Farms products have longer-lasting effects. The flower options you can obtain from Golden Eagle Farms are highly regarded and recommended by their customers, and the prices are “a steal.”

Golden Eagle Farms Golden Eagle Points and Discounts

Golden Eagle Farms doesn’t have a rewards program, but as customers on Reddit mentioned, their prices are a steal. We concur as you can the most potent and popular strain they offer, Cherry wine, for only $41.99. That is half an oz of powerful, high in CBD flower that will leave you feeling great. An oz will cost you less than double that price at only $74.99. So, with prices so low, they don’t need a rewards program.

Golden Eagle Legal Compliance

Each product they sell comes with a pre-harvest hemp lab test report. Each product is legal and contains less than 0.3% total THC. When purchasing a product, make sure you know your state’s local laws to understand the product’s legality in your area. The lab tests confirm that most flower they offer contains 0.26% THC, and we did not find any flower with more than this amount. On the lab report, you will also see the large amounts of CBD their flower promises.

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