God’s Gift Cannabis Strain Review

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God’s Gift Cannabis Strain

Sent straight from heaven, the God’s Gift strain is the much awaited cannabis messiah. This ethereal herb was once the poster child for calming indicas, taking the market by storm in the mid-2000’s. Today, the ever changing cannabis industry topography has made it a bit of a challenge to find a solid source for God’s Gift. Nonetheless, there are artisinal farmers who have dedicated their time to cultivating the perfect God’s Gift harvest, making it available to a small segment of the cannabis market.

If you ever do manage to find God’s Gift in stock, you best believe it’s a miracle crafted by the cannabis gods just for you. Elusive and relatively rare, the God’s Gift herb is one that’s hard to find. And because its flavor and effects can be so intensely distinct, you can be sure that everyone in the store will be scrambling to get their hands on the variety whenever it is in stock.


The Origins of God’s Gift

For a strain to be aptly called ‘God’s Gift’, you can bet your bottom dollar that two prominent heavyweights had to join forces. The God’s Gift herb has two of the most well-known parents in the industry, giving it the chemistry and genetics that deserve its ambitious name. These two herbs – both superstars in their own right – aren’t only beloved for their own qualities, but also for their involvement in the cultivation of a variety of other award winning strains that we know and love.

The first is the Granddaddy Purple – a game-changing indica that’s been around since the early 2000’s. Its strong effects are almost immediately detectable, and focus mainly on disposition and mood to bring you into a brand new state of mind that can wash away worries and apprehension. Often, GDP is also used for its benefits against loss of appetite, sleeplessness, restlessness, and a variety of symptoms that involve both the body and mind.

God’s Gift second parent, the OG Kush strain, is typically considered the forefather of and herb that comes out of the West Coast. This well-balanced hybrid is well-known for its minty, citrus flavor with hints of pepper that works to clear the sinus and entangle the palate in a symphony of pleasantry. In terms of effects, OG Kush is your quintessential hybrid, delivering a combination of both calm and energy for an awakening relaxation that doesn’t incapacitate your system.


God’s Gift Cannabis flower close up


Aroma and Appearance

God’s Gift is a dark, dank herb that touts deep purple and black colors all over its surfaces. With mere traces of forest green peeking through its crevices, these herbs demand and command attention with their odd colorway that makes them look entirely different from typical cannabis. In fact, looking at God’s Gift next to a range of other fruity floral, colorful strains, you might say that it comes from a different plant all together.

On the surfaces, fuzzy white trichomes cover most of the nugs, creating a beautiful little forest of hair that trickles and oozes with the coveted nectar that the strain is loved for. As a high resin herb, God’s Gift releases a strong aroma coming from the variety of terpenes that exist through its nectar.

The smell itself can be described as minty and herbal, almost like sticking your snout into a healing salve or a liniment solution. These notes blend together with a melody of chamomile and pepper, which is then underlined by the sharp, tart element of strong citrus. All together, the God’s Gift herb can smell almost like a blend of medicinal ingredients mixed together in a single, all-around wellness solution.


God’s Gift terpene profile


Experience and Effects

God’s Gift tastes almost exactly as it smell, with the single added note of gasoline to underscore all of those delightful herbal elements. The smoke itself is light, airy, and relatively smooth, passing through the throat and into the lungs without a hint of a fuss. All together, it’s not going to be particularly noteworthy if you’re a veteran or a connoisseur in search of a distinct cannabis flavor. But then again, for low tolerance users, it really won’t be too overpowering of a taste. So kind of like a middle ground herb that taps into everyone’s bare minimum expectations.

What it lacks in distinctive flavor, God’s Gift makes up for with its effects. As though visited by angels, you’re going to feel like you’ve been placed in a different plane all together. The herb elevates the mood, uplifts the spirits, and brings joy to even the most tired and unmotivated souls. The strain clears away distress, discomfort, and worry, and replaces it all with a giggly contentment that courses through the mind and body for complete relief.

The height of the experience should see you smiling, laughing, and chatting it up with friends as you enjoy the well-balanced benefits that the herb delivers. Sure, you’re not going to want to get up and walk around. But with the kind of talkative calm that comes with the strain, you might find yourself in the mood to socialize and spend time with some of your closest friends.


God’s Gift Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Rich in resin and aroma, the God’s Gift herb makes a solid choice for farmers who want to be able to produce a range of canna-derived products after they make their harvest. It will take an average of about 8 weeks for the variety to reach flowering, but the scent will waft from the plant way before then. Yields are usually around 4 to 5 ounces, with some plants demonstrating a maximum harvest of 6 ounces under the right conditions. A little topping here and there can help direct growth and improve the distribution of sunlight and air into the inner parts of the plant for even stronger fragrance.


Who Is It For?

As you might have guessed, God’s Gift is a blessing that’s available to everyone who wants to give it a try. Well balanced, moderate in flavor, and manageable in effects, this herb can be a go-to for experienced users who want a stable strain for those steady days. For beginners, it can be a wonderful introduction to the world of indica, gearing you up for more intense herbs that might cause couch lock.


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