GMO Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

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GMO Cookies Cannabis Strain

Also interestingly called Garlic Cookies, this cultivar is a hodge podge of different qualities that might make it seem like a mismatched herb. The taste – a contrast of petrol and fruit – can induce a sensory tug-of-war that might make you want to keep sniffing to get hints of fruit, while also urging you to pull away to avoid the strength of diesel. Its effects are intensely numbing, making you feel feather light and free. But even then, the mental aspect of the strain’s effects goes almost unnoticed.

With its juxtaposed qualities, the GMO Cookies strain definitely sets itself apart as an herb deserving of your time. But because its parents are equally elusive, getting your hands on this dank herb might be a lot tougher than you might think.


The Origins of the GMO Cookies Strain

GMO Cookies is relatively new to the market, but its parents have been around for decades. Having risen through the ranks to become two of the most popular household names in the known cannabis market, these two cultivars have established themselves as the most highly coveted varieties of our day and age. In fact, they’re the object of every farmers’ breeding efforts, having parented hundreds of other varieties between them.

And of course, the Girl Scout Cookies is one. The ‘Cookies’ part of the GMO name is one of the reasons why it instantly arrests buyers’ attention, since the Cookies family surname has been tagged as the marker of intense genetics, and they’re not wrong. The GSC strain offers up its fruity sweetness that penetrates through the diesel taste that GMO delivers. It’s also responsible for giving that hint of sativa leaning chemistry that awakens the system instead of cradling it off to sleep.

To create GMO, breeders crossed GSC with Chemdawg. Another heavyweight, this herb delivers a mouthful of explosive gasoline flavor that really just overwhelms the system. Another hybrid, a select phenotype with more indica leaning properties was selected in a pool of Chemdawg samples to produce the GMO Cookies profile.


GMO Cookies Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

GMO Cookies rugged nugs are slightly smaller than the average. But what they lack in size, they make up for with sheer color. The beautiful highly saturated nugs are painted in beautiful gradients of green and purple that track into the crevices. The nugs are also covered in a bright cage of orange hairs that trail throughout the surfaces and project from every inch of the intricate bud.

Taking after its parents, the GMO Cookies strain also showcases an intense trichome layer. This fuzzy forest of crystallized hair is sticky to the touch and leaves a film of resin on the finger after handling. The tacky substance is the very stuff that contains the strain’s terpenes and cannabinoids which is pretty generously produced by the GMO Cookie’s aggressive trichome expression.

And on the note of aromas, the strain wafts with the scent of citrus and tropical fruit that intertwines with spice. But as you continue to take a few extra whiffs, it releases a strong petrol undertone that might slightly soil that ultra pleasant facade. Veterans might come to love the slight contrast, but if you’re a low tolerance user, the punch of gasoline might just push you to question what your senses are picking up.


Experience and Effects

That initial toke will send a slice of spice slashing through your throat and lungs, perhaps inducing a coughing fit if you’re not entirely used to the feeling of abrasive, aggressive smoke pushing its way through. The other flavor notes – citrus, fruit, and gasoline – seem to fight for center stage, creating something of a battle across your taste buds. As you pick up one taste, another comes to the forefront, so you can never really focus on a single flavor at a time.

Then of course, there are the effects. The strain delivers a strong wave of relaxation and calm that washes over the system. As the rising tide submerges your body in carefree feelings of contentment, you’ll notice your body start to feel light and airy. Your limbs lose their weight and the numbing effects can make you want to just sit back and feel the chemistry take its effect on your body.

But while your physical self is suspended in numbing clarity, your mind is sharpened and heightened. Senses are elevated and made more sensitive to all the various details around you. In essence, the strain relieves the body and voids all physical sensation including stress and discomfort to help you maintain focus on your mind which is then elevated into a state of cognitive activity.


Growing and Processing

The GMO Cookies strain works as a smart starter commodity if you’re just learning how to cultivate your own herb. The stuff grows to just around 4 feet in height, which is characteristic of an indica variety. Fortunately, it doesn’t skimp out on harvest, allowing a yield of about 6 ounces as the plant reaches maturity in 7 weeks after being planted as a seed.

Indoor growth is best if you want to be able to manage every aspect of the cultivation process. But even then, the plant will thrive just fine outdoors as long as you protect it from excessive humidity. And because it will express those trichomes pretty garishly, expect this stuff to release its aroma early into its growth, consuming your indoor space in its fragrance for several weeks until harvest time.


Who Is It For?

When it all comes right down to it, the GMO Cookies strain can be a great choice for users of all experience levels. Sure, there’s going to be a bit of an itch at the start, but its flavor and effects can be well tolerated regardless of how long you’ve been smoking cannabis. That said, if you were hoping for a more high energy strain that delivers a powerful punch of productive energy, this one’s really not going to be the answer to your search.



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