Glass Slipper Cannabis Strain Review

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Glass Slipper Cannabis Strain

Just like Cinderella, carelessly leaving behind a glass slipper in her excitement, so too will the Glass Slipper strain make it effortless for you to leave behind the worries of the world. This hybrid sits teetering on the edge of complete sativa dominance, with a profile that’s commanded by energizing effects 90 to 10. But despite being classified sativa, there’s a lot about the Glass Slipper’s properties that make it behave unlike any other sative you’ve likely tried.

Aside from its intriguing effects, Glass Slipper also touts a sumptuous blend of flavors, incorporating hints of fruit, flowers, and pastry. That said, the delicious strain can be a wonderful treat for those moments when you need a zing of vigor and a sensory experience to liven up your tired being.


Origins of the Glass Slipper Strain

Glass Slipper’s sativa effects are no accident – it comes from a family of sativa strains. Its parents – both energizing cannabis herbs – are both pretty popular across the market, both hailing from the hay day of cannabis. These are the Cinderella 99 and the Pineapple 99 cannabis cultivars.

The Cinderella 99 strain is what you might call Glass Slipper’s ‘mother herb’. Contributing to its offspring’s genetics in terms of both flavor and effects, it’s really hard to differentiate the two strains during use. Nonetheless, Cinderella 99 does set itself apart by its creative impact which inspires cognitive activity and heightens mental exercise during the height of its impact.

Then of course there’s Pineapple 99. Another strain that emerged in 1999, the Pineapple 99 strain is a less potent sativa compared to Cinderella 99, but it’s a formidable opponent nonetheless. More focused on delivering you from the throes of a sour mood, Pineapple 99 is a more uplifting strain that works to improve your disposition and clear away negative thoughts and emotions that might be weighing you down.


Glass Slipper Cannabis Bud


Aroma and Appearance

The crystalline leaves of the Glass Slipper strain make it look like the distorted image of a cannabis nug as you observe its brilliant color from behind a thick cut of glass. The colors are blurred together in a whirlwind of hues that embrace the nugs in a pleasant coat of vibrant dye. The hues range from purple, to pink, to blue, and are enveloped in a sheet of green overtones that dominate the herb’s surfaces.

On top of all the color are delicate little tendrils that encase the nugs in a cage of complex networks. These hairs are further drizzled with fuzz – white trichomes – that cover every inch of the nugs. With its rich, fuzzy exterior, the Glass Slipper strain is more likely to produce fat deposits of resin containing complex cannabinoid chemistry that gives cannabis its benefits in the first place.

More than just the cannabinoids however, these trichomes also produce terpenes which let off the aroma associated with the herb. In the case of Glass Slipper, most of its aroma comes from Cinderella 99. So, as you crack open the jar, expect a punch of fruity floral goodness coming at you with hints of cookies and dough trailing the entire encounter.


Glass Slipper terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Glass Slipper strain sets the stage for the experience with a lip-smacking swirl of flavor. The delicious strain delivers a soothing combination of flower and fruit, creating a mouthful of sweetness that can awaken the senses. But as you bathe in the delectable flavors that swirl through your mouth, the cannabinoids get to work on your cognition.

What’s particularly delightful about the Glass Slipper strain is that it offers a heightened sensory experience that no other herb is known to produce. This sensory explosion makes everything feel, taste, sound, and look better. The heightened perception makes every detail of every sensation far more pronounced. For you, that means being able to enjoy a world full of vibrant everything, anywhere you look.

While it doesn’t exactly induce couch lock, Glass Slipper does put the body into a state of relaxation. This means reduced discomfort, stress, and aches, and a weighted feeling that can make you just want to sit down for the duration of the experience. Sure, it might not lull you to sleep, but it won’t keep you on your feet either.


Glass Slipper Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

During cultivation, Glass Slipper behaves a lot like its Cinderella 99 parent strain. That means you get an easy plant that grows well both in and outdoors. The non-specific cultivation needs that the plant demonstrates mean that even rookie farmers can try their hand at seeing the variety all the way to maturity.

Also like the Cinderella 99 strain, Glass Slipper is among the shortest cannabis varieties known to man. These plants reach a dumpy 3 feet in height maximum, yielding around 6 ounces of bud for every foot that it grows. For those hoping to get their hands on their bud sooner rather than later, Glass Slipper promises an ultra-short flowering time, taking the herb no more than 7 weeks to generate your harvest.

In the right conditions, Glass Slipper may produce a dense trichome layer, perfect for extraction. With loads of cannabinoids and terpenes contained in its golden nectar, Glass Slipper is a typical choice among farmers hoping to produce their own line of cannabis-derived products.


Who Is It For?

Glass Slipper is a balanced strain that hauls a range of effects that can be easily tolerated by all sorts of users. Its profile doesn’t overpower in both impact and flavor, but it doesn’t fall short of expectations either. So, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned cannabis veteran, there’s a lot to love about the Glass Slipper strain.

As a farming commodity and raw ingredient, Glass Slipper is the perfect beginner herb. Not too tall yet highly gratifying, it can be exceedingly delightful to grow the herb in your backyard, especially as it releases its delicious terpenes into the air as it stretches out to reach its full maturity.


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