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Gelato Strain Review

Sweet, creamy, and thick, the Gelato strain mimics your favorite frozen dessert, bringing you a sticky sugary taste experience that will make you want to take another bowl. The cultivar calms, soothes, and awakens with its perfect blend of indica-sativa qualities, serving its purpose as the ideal pick-me-up for those moments when you just want to be your best self.

So, whether you’re hoping to add a touch of sweetness to what has been a tiring day, or if you’re simply looking to up your spirits, there’s no way you can go wrong with a bowlful of  this purple hued Gelato.


Gelato is the poster-boy for sweet strains, boasting a blend of flavors that capture exactly what its name suggests. But despite its iconic status, Gelato was never a self-made strain. The cultivar owes its legendary profile and qualities to two noteworthy parents, both of which are considered holy grails in the cannabis world. You wont be disappointed with this hybrid CBD strain.


Its crystallized coating of hazy resin gives the Gelato strain a frozen aesthetic that gives further justice to its playful name. Underneath, deep forest green leaves intertwine with hints of purple and blue, giving rise to an icy cold appearance that might be hard to ignore. All over the nugs, bright orange hairs course through and embrace the leaves, adding yet another decorative dimension to the lively strain.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

Gelato is perhaps one of the strains that gives justice to its name by its flavor. The thick scent of sugar and cream wafts aggressively out of the package, seeping out through the seams. The strain is especially aromatic, almost smelling like sweetened dough and fresh-baked cookies, with notes of berries and flowers.

Once lit and smoked, Gelato tastes just like a thick spoonful of vanilla ice cream, with its dense smoke embracing the tongue and covering all of its surfaces to increase saliva production. In some cases, the sweetness is met with equal parts of bitterness, creating a three-dimensional taste experience that brings together all flavors from the spectrum.

Effects of the Gelato Strain

Bending ever so slightly towards the indica side, the Gelato strain calms, relaxes, and subdues the mind and body for a cool collectedness that clears away stress and other negative feelings that might be weighing you down.


As the cannabinoids travels through your system, it takes away the negativities that might be making you feel on edge. In effect, this gives rise to a calmer disposition. Carefree and relieved from your worries, you’re likely to feel far less bothered by the things that might be beating down on your mind.

1 review for Gelato Indoor CBD Hemp Flower

  1. Floyd2k (verified owner)

    Got some strain specific “gelato” gummies & bought this 8th to go along with it. Packed my crafty+ vape & get maybe 3 hits max.
    Other than not vaping well it’s a very flavorful strain and hits energizing giving way to a relaxed hybrid buzz.
    Yes it tastes like gelato-lemony!

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