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Who spiked the Fruit Punch? Well, whoever it was called the right shot. Just like the liquor-laced beverage from high school dances of old, the Fruit Punch cannabis strain charges the mind with outgoing energy, making you want to get up close, personal, and sociable. Perfect for those moments when a troubled mind pulls you away from meeting new friends and mingling with old ones, this strain is guaranteed to take you from being a wallflower and transform you into the life of the party.

So, whether you’re going out for a night with the girls, or if you’re expecting guests over, take a slow, steady sip of Fruit Punch to prep yourself for an evening of laughs and lots of talks.

The Origins of Fruit Punch

Crossing the genetics of three well-known cannabis names, the Fruit Punch strain’s unique chemistry becomes a total no-brainer when considering its heritage. Its three ancestors – Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze – are all heavyweights in their own right, delivering stand-out results that target various issues of daily life.

The Northern Lights strain teeters on the edge of complete indica dominance, and showcases a complex herbal flavor that resembles the taste of tea that’s been steeped longer than it should have been. The delicate bitterness at the tail end of the drag adds depth and dimension to the strain’s taste experience, and its pacifying euphoria can provide comforting relief from the usual distress.

Skunk on the other hand is exactly what its name suggests – a pungent strain that’s best known for its foul yet desirable odor. With a genetic profile that leans ever so slightly towards the sativa end of the spectrum, this strain energizes with its potent effects that inspire creativity – but not without awakening your body first with its strong, offensive stench.

Then finally, we have the Haze strain. Having fathered hundreds of descendants, the Haze lineage is one of the most popular, boasting a diverse range of sub-strains that all tout the original Haze’s dreamy, calming effects. Wading towards the indica end of the gene pool, this strain is beloved for its soothing sweetness.

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Aroma and Appearance

The fresh, organic look of the Fruit Punch cannabis strain might not catch your attention during that initial dispensary display shelf scan. But as you look over your options a second time, the cultivar’s bright green leaves might pique your interest. Dense, deep green nugs painted with delicate yellow whisps might not combat closely with the blues, purples, and oranges boastfully displayed by neighboring strains. But the sheer saturation of the Fruit Punch’s color can be enough to make you want to take a whiff.

During that initial inhale, the strain floods the nostrils with the scent of citrus. The strong aroma of lemon is closely followed by tinges of damp wood, adding an earthy dimension to the strain’s overall aroma. Then towards the end, a cool minty pine enters the picture for no more than a millisecond, making you stick your nose into the jar a second time to chase after the delicate end note.

Experience and Effects

The flavor of pine and mint is far more detectable in the smoke than through the strain’s aroma. And during the drag, the cannabis delivers a surprise dose of gasoline that wasn’t entirely present during the sniff encounter. Nonetheless, the fruity aromas are fully represented in the taste of the smoke, fulfilling your expectations with their full, sweet flavor.

Slow to take effect, the Fruit Punch strain is best taken a few minutes before your big event. As you deal with the throes of distress and agitation at the possibility of unwanted social encounters, the strain works to inspire brand-new confidence. This feeling starts off in the mind, making you feel more comfortable, more willing, and better prepared to face familiar faces and new friends.

The height of the strain’s effects should have you flitting and floating through the party like the life of the evening. A word to the wise, however – in larger doses, the strain might make you a little more willing to share intimate information with complete strangers. Make sure you consider the kind of people you’ll be socializing with. If there are going to be distant family members and acquaintances at the get-together, a strong dose of Fruit Punch might get you to share details that won’t bid well on your reputation.

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Growing and Processing

Fruit Punch’s strong fruity flavors are most prominent when the strain is given enough heat and light during its earlier weeks. For that reason, growing it outdoors might be better for the variety, enabling it to maximize its genetic potential. Height-wise, the strain also requires quite a lot of space, towering to heights over 6 feet when fully mature.

On the other hand, the herb is a slow finisher. If you live in areas where the temperatures tend to cool down towards the end of the year, then growing the strain outdoors might work against your objective. Another downside is its harvest. Averaging just 3 ounces for every foot of the plant’s height, the Fruit Punch strain might not give you the fat returns to pay back your effort. Even then, recreational farmers might find it to be a suitable addition to their gardens.

Who Is It For?

Whether you’re meeting up with friends or scheduled to attend a family get-together, the Fruit Punch strain promises to put you in a mood that’s perfect for socializing. Energetic and fun, this strain loosens the jaw and releases the apprehension to make you feel more confident in the face of brand-new social encounters. But even if you’re particularly outgoing, the strain can find purpose as the perfect go-to strain for circle time with good friends.

Newbies and rookies beware though – the strain has become notorious for its ability to unhinge the jaw a little more than most users prefer. If you’re not in the company of trusted confidants that can keep your secrets, then it would be best to curtail your dosage.

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