Fortified Strawberry Cough Flower (16.62% Delta-8 THC)

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16 reviews for Fortified Strawberry Cough Flower (16.62% Delta-8 THC)

  1. Litsusta (verified owner)

    Bomb💣🔥 I highly recommend if you want to get LIT 🤪 2-3 PUFFS AND IM LIT!!!!! SHIPPING WAS DEFINITELY SUPER FAST RECIEVED MY PACKAGE A DAY EARLY.

  2. Litsusta (verified owner)

    Bomb💣🔥 I highly recommend if you want to get LIT 🤪 2-3 PUFFS AND IM LIT!!!!! SHIPPING WAS DEFINITELY SUPER FAST RECIEVED MY PACKAGE A DAY EARLY.

  3. hathawaybm (verified owner)

    Very interesting taste, mellow feeling

  4. (verified owner)

    Highly effective. I made an alcohol tincture with the 1st batch and just received the 2nd ounce designated for MCT oil fusion. I am getting ready to order a 3rd just for smoking. Outstanding product!!

  5. Devinmarch95 (verified owner)

    Ive tried, chemdawg, birthday cake, acdc, lemon haze, durban poison, blue dreams and stormy 2.0 and i have to give my number 1 pick to this right here, so far strawberry champagne is my fav !

  6. Abigail Memis (verified owner)

    This one I love great taste and nice set relaxing feeling good stuff I recommend

  7. Charles Joseph STANLEY (verified owner)

    Smooth vape, tasty. Very relaxing, for me a better “after 5” strain with its relatively high CBD level.

  8. Mike S (verified owner)

    Another excellent strain from IHF! Definitely worth trying. I received my order extremely fast. Also the customer service was outstanding!

  9. Joseph Riccelli (verified owner)

    Beautiful sticky buds with a wonderful scent. Smoking it the taste is a little lost, but vaporized it tastes like fruity pebbles. Great feel, clear head, relaxing, and nice energy boost.

  10. Jamesbb20 (verified owner)

    I ordered this strain and Blue dream for first time from this site.
    Arrived quickly, a day before expected day.
    Smell, look is great, taste is preetty good, afew seeds and effect is nice and relaxing one.
    Very nice looking buds.
    Will try a few other strains next time but definitely would consider getting more Strawberry champagne again!

  11. Boydjose (verified owner)

    I ordered this one I thought I had already left a review but it’s pretty damn good not very many seeds very beautiful buds Effexor nice to be ordered more soon I thought I already left this review

  12. Shelby Johnson (verified owner)

    Strawberry Champagne was the first flower I tried from IHF. Let me just say, I’m glad it was my first! This flower has a very wonderful smell, taste, and is an absolutely beautiful bud! The smooth hit that it gives just sets it off! Definitely deserves more than a 5 star rating!! The effects of this flower are amazing to top it off, very relaxing! 🔥💨👍🏻

  13. David Richardson (verified owner)

    Just rolled my first blunt of this. Extremely fluffy but sticky and smells great !

  14. Davonta green (verified owner)

    Man this strain is A-1 all I can say is wow! Order website is legit my favorite strain all of the strains is good but this one is me thanks IHF fast shipping

  15. Ian Williams

    These bud look beautiful I am ready to toast.

  16. Charles Barth (verified owner)

    The order was delivered extremely fast and in a very discreet box. I don’t know what made me choose Strawberry Champagne, yet I’m glad I did. The aroma is amazing and the smoke is smooth, pleasant and it’s effects are quickly felt. I’ll order again for sure.

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