Fortified Sovereign Bubba Delta 8 Hemp Flower

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  • 10.82% CBDA
  • 35.62% Delta 8 THC
  • 47.60% Total Cannabinoids

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Had a rough day? Can’t get your monkey mind to chill? If so, IHF’s delta 8 Sovereign Bubba may be the best hemp flower for you. This indica cultivar draws heavily on everyone’s favorite sedating strain: Bubba Kush. Best used before bed, our delta 8 Sovereign Bubba is sure to relax both mind and body. 

Even though these dense hemp nugs have ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC, the added delta 8 will intensify your session. Whether you enjoy Sovereign Bubba in a joint or a dry herb vaporizer, it’s sure to settle you down at the end of the day. 


What Does Delta 8 Sovereign Bubba Taste Like?

IHF’s delta 8 Sovereign Bubba has most of the flavors you’d expect in Bubba Kush. Right off the bat, users report strong earthy notes with terpenes like alpha-pinene, myrcene, and humulene. It’s also quite common to experience a spicy aftertaste, most likely thanks to the higher-than-average percentage of beta-caryophyllene. 

As tokers grow accustomed to Sovereign Bubba, they often report nuanced flavors ranging from sweet to savory. For instance, it’s not uncommon for smokers to taste hints of chocolate and coffee as they enjoy this strain. 

If you’re having trouble picking up these subtle flavors, you may want to consider adding IHF’s hemp nugs to a dry herb vaporizer. Since these devices remove potential carcinogens, they tend to offer a smoother experience. 


What Are Delta 8 Sovereign Bubba’s Effects? 

Like Bubba Kush, IHF’s delta 8 Sovereign Bubba leans heavily on the indica side. This means you should reserve Sovereign Bubba for nighttime use only. If it’s your first time using IHF’s Sovereign Bubba, be sure to try it a few hours before bed. 

Please remember that IHF sells all of our delta 8 hemp buds in sizes ranging from one gram to one ounce. For those who are interested in wholesale opportunities, please reach out to IHF via this portal.

21 reviews for Fortified Sovereign Bubba Delta 8 Hemp Flower

  1. Roemello Monroe (verified owner)

    Amazing buds. Great taste. Gives you a mellow/chill mood within minutes of toking. Great if you want cut back on heavy THC use but also get all the benefits. 5/5

  2. T Bone

    This is the best D8 period. No other company has a flower this potent and flavorful. Negative reviews are fake competitors trying to sway a sell. Better than dispensary buds here in the Chi.

  3. Johntyler042 (verified owner)

    Love that bubba industrial hemp thanks for the flower, plus the new strains!!❤️

  4. Shane Washington (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff

  5. Shane Washington (verified owner)

    Best delts 8 strain that I have ever had!

  6. Marc Falon (verified owner)

    W—O—W !!! I’m 70, and have been smoking weed for well over 50 yrs…Does anyone remember smoking Lebanese Blond HASH — way back in the 1960’s ?? Well, this Fortified Sovereign Bubba Delta -8- is synonymous with it !! — After 2 or 3 hits out of my waterpipe– I was totally ungulfed and wasted away in the twilight zone !! The combination of a super high percentage of delta -8- THC—- AND also a super high % of CBD will blast you off to the planets !! No need to waste this precious weed on rolling a large joint — that is totally unnecessary… The 28 grams I purchased will last me a long time. This weed should be smoked very sparingly– at night — to get the best effects– and make sure you don’t have to get up early the next morning !! For IHF’s low price– this is worth it’s weight in gold. On the black market– this would cost a LOT MORE– maybe 5 times– and you won’t even be able to find it !! My hat goes off to the incredible people that can grow and cultivate such a strain as this. Most young people that are used to smoking regular “commercial” weed would fall in love with this after smoking a few hits… I feel very lucky that I discovered IHF on the internet because now I know what I missed out on over the last couple of years, or decades !! — I would like to thank Nick and the guys at IHF for bringing an astonishing and awesome product with their experience and growing talents to the world !! Thanks !!! ( many times over !!! ) I am dedicated to your company forever…….

  7. DIANNA White (verified owner)

    First time buying this flower. I noticed it was really tacky and kinda hard to separate to put it in a bowl. More like you dipped it in glue. But the taste I got off it was more like bad chemical taste. I did not like it. It does make you tired, i was looking for an energy feel. Overall I think its ok, I def have better so i won’t be ordering this again.

  8. Mica Gantt (verified owner)

    I’m new to D8 products. I’ve tried a few strains sold locally and this is the best I’ve had thus far. Order arrived quickly, in spite of placing my order on a holiday weekend. I’m a fan of the product and the company – already placed a new order for more.

  9. Kelly Tuggle (verified owner)

    I’ve been smoking this fortified sovereign bubba indica strain mixed with some fortified white whale sativa. This is Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend 2021. Yesterday, I rolled and smoked either three or four joints by myself. From what I remember it was pretty darn good, due to the fact that I was WOY (Way out yonder, as my dear old dad used to say). I hope I can make it back in to work this coming Tuesday. KT in KT

  10. CHARLES GASKINS (verified owner)

    This is one of the best flowers I’ve had!!! I highly advised others to use this company and this flower as its straight fire 🔥

  11. Redbeard1234

    Man this strain is killer. Making my next order now!!!!

  12. mattanderson45 (verified owner)

    Good taste and good feel. Smoked a bowl and was feeling super relaxed. Also feel really focused.

  13. Elizabeth Burns

    Was surprised how fast it got here. Very good quality. Great taste! I will be ordering again.

  14. Damon Brown


  15. Brad Vincent (verified owner)

    Just received order today, love it. The smell and taste is top shelf. And the euphoric feeling is great.

  16. Robert Hollandsworth

    Well worth the price and a nice alternative to just CBD

  17. fabu (verified owner)


  18. Damon Brown

    Dence collorful bud kinda like a kush

  19. Jeremy Wheatley (verified owner)

    This was my first sample of delta 8 flower and I’m more than impressed, I’m hooked. All the benefits of marijuana without the paranoia and dysphoria? Where do I sign? No seriously, I am converted. I have always been an advocate for CBD but now that focus and favor has shifted to Delta 8.

    As for Sovereign Bubba in particular.. the aroma is a gassy citrus, that sits smoothly in the mouth. I vaporize my flower and then cycle through an aqua stem/ water pipe so it’s ultra smooth no matter what but even then.. I will feel the slight urge at least to cough. The slightest bit of irritation to the throat /lungs is unavoidable like the munchies you feel after an hour or so. It’s a welcome side effect of the comfort and relief that this strain brings me. Very relaxing without being sedating. My attention was easily focused, like my mind slowed down to process things. Delta 8 has shown me a new world of cannabis that was alway there. Absolutely fantastic first try. Give this strain a try before you say that Delta 8 is not for you!

    Also, I must say that IHF has been on top of their game lately. Within an hour of feeling the full effects I looked at the 8th I bought and without missing a beat I told myself “well I better order more because this will be gone by tomorrow”. 1 day later and I’m back for more. I put my order in 13 minutes before the 2:00 pm EDT same day shipping cutoff time. My order is already processed. I can’t wait to try the capsules.

    My regards to the IHF team, and the growers that brought this fine flower into the world. (^_^) cheers.

  20. Ronald Catching (verified owner)

    This is my favorite outta all the D8 flower IHF has so far IMO. I tried them all. They all are great but this D8 Bubba kush is 🔥🔥🔥🔥. TASTE JUST LIKE DELTA9 WOULD

  21. SmokeWeedBro35000

    lmao i am high af off this shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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