Fortified Sovereign Bubba Delta 8 Hemp Flower

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Lab Results 

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⭐️  Well Trimmed

⭐️ Strong nose

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  • 13.16% CBDA
  • 4.43% Delta 8 THC
  • 20.24% Total Cannabinoids

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Had a rough day? Can’t get your monkey mind to chill? If so, IHF’s delta 8 Sovereign Bubba may be the best hemp flower for you. This indica cultivar draws heavily on everyone’s favorite sedating strain: Bubba Kush. Best used before bed, our delta 8 Sovereign Bubba is sure to relax both mind and body. 

Even though these dense hemp nugs have ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC, the added delta 8 will intensify your session. 


What Does Delta 8 Sovereign Bubba Taste Like?

IHF’s delta 8 Sovereign Bubba has most of the flavors you’d expect in Bubba Kush. Right off the bat, users report strong earthy notes with terpenes like alpha-pinene, myrcene, and humulene. It’s also quite common to experience a spicy aftertaste, most likely thanks to the higher-than-average percentage of beta-caryophyllene. 

As consumers grow accustomed to Sovereign Bubba, they often report nuanced flavors ranging from sweet to savory. For instance, it’s not uncommon for people to taste hints of chocolate and coffee as they enjoy this strain. 


What Are Delta 8 Sovereign Bubba’s Effects? 

Like Bubba Kush, IHF’s delta 8 Sovereign Bubba leans heavily on the indica side. This means you should reserve Sovereign Bubba for nighttime use only. If it’s your first time using IHF’s Sovereign Bubba, be sure to try it a few hours before bed. 

Please remember that IHF sells all of our delta 8 hemp buds in sizes ranging from one gram to one ounce. For those who are interested in wholesale opportunities, please reach out to IHF via this portal.

1 review for Fortified Sovereign Bubba Delta 8 Hemp Flower

  1. Jjdafooddude (verified owner)

    Really impressed with the actual quality of the hemp flower nice fruity notes to it and doesn’t have that earthy hay taste like a lot of other hemp buds do

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