Fortified Maui Wowie Delta 8 Hemp Flower

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3 reviews for Fortified Maui Wowie Delta 8 Hemp Flower

  1. Nathan Woodham (verified owner)

    This is the tastiest hemp flower Iva had to date. Believe me I’ve tried a lot of different strains from different companies. This is now my favorite! Maui Wowie!!!

  2. Jean

    Good stuff

  3. Richard Coombs (verified owner)

    In 1982 when I lived in Venice Beach, CA I had a friend there from Hawaii. He had some Maui Wowie sent to him and I got some. IHF’s CBD Delta 8 strain reminds me very much of it. The taste, the smell, the effects, the quality of trim and curing are exceptional. I’m 71 now and live in a southern state where where I can’t buy even medical weed. Even though I’m disabled and have been in constant pain for the last 14 years due to a botched surgery IHF’s products have really helped me. My quality of life is much improved because of this. The customer service, fast shipping and honesty of the staff at IHF has made me a loyal customer for the last 1 & 1/2 years. In a sea of online companies selling their products trust is a major issue to me and IHF has never let me down. In fact, they have made me feel like family. From Dick C. in Dixie..

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