Fortified Bruce Banner – Delta 8 CBD Hemp Flower

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1 review for Fortified Bruce Banner – Delta 8 CBD Hemp Flower

  1. Kent Langsjoen (verified owner)

    Man o Man.. this stuff is 🔥 ITS A SUPER UP BEAT!!! Super strong… If your new to d8 flower. Take it slow… Because I am not new d8 flower… But this burns smooth… And does not have to harsh of a smoke. For a d8 flower… Just so you know… Don’t smoke this strain at night. On less you want be rolling. In small amounts it’s uplifting, and just right. But in big amounts. It feels like my skin gets pulled from the inside out… To push the bad energy out…. I bought a pound for $500. Be ready for a ride to your enter self. And release it into the world!!! And it really helps with focus and opening up the mind….. What you guys waiting for…. This stuff is 🔥

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