Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Strain Review

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If the original forbidden fruit was anything like the strain we know today, then there’s really no wonder why Eve just couldn’t resist. Delectably sweet and irresistibly flavorful, the Forbidden Fruit cultivar blends together the taste of every single one of your favorite tropical fruits, creating the most intricate taste across any fruit-flavored strain. The complex profile shines through even as you take a whiff, giving you a sweet sample of the flavor explosion that is to come.

But aside from its distinct taste, the Forbidden Fruit promises a blissful mingling of elevating effects, putting you in a state of total release. So, go ahead, take a hit, and discover just why Adam and Eve couldn’t say no to this alluring delight.

The Forbidden Fruit’s Origins

The Forbidden Fruit strain takes root in the union of two equally sumptuous strains. The outcome of the marriage of Tangie and Cherry Pie, the Forbidden Fruit touts a genetic profile that’s heavy on fruit, and berry flavors. On top of the exquisite taste, however, these two strains lend enchanting effects that grab a hold of the mind and body for a heavenly encounter.

Tangie is a Sativa-biased strain that adds a twist on the coveted Tangerine Dream variety from the 90s. Its refreshing, rejuvenating flavor and uplifting effects make it the golden standard for happy-go-lucky cannabis. In terms of genetics, it lends its succulent fruity flavor to its FF descendant, as well as the pleasant feeling of well-being and happiness that comes with its airy smoke.

The Cherry Pie strain on the other hand is a balanced 50-50 strain that promises the sweet taste of dough and cherry – thus its namesake. It’s upbeat, positive, and incredibly lucid, paving the way for a pleasant full-body buzz and a meditative cognition that’s effortlessly relaxing.

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Appearance and Aroma

Just like the name suggests, Forbidden Fruit looks exactly as you think it would. Tropical, bright lime green breathes life into the bud’s appearance, giving it a vibrant, electrifying look at a glance. But deeper into the nugs, pink, orange, and yellow give it a more lively and dynamic aesthetic, as though taking on the appearance of a succulent piece of tropical fruit that’s ready to be plucked from its branch.

All over the exterior, networks of fine yellow-orange tendrils barricade the bud in a cage of delicate saturated color. The tendrils turn reddish towards their tips and make the strain look even more appealing from its place on the top shelf.

Stick your nose into the bag, and the aromatic scent of fruit should come at you like a truckload of fresh picks. The delicate fragrance is enveloped in a strong saccharine scent, similar to the smell of cold dew drops trickling down the flesh of a fresh slice of pineapple or succulent mango. Needless to say, it smells just like a piece of heaven and may get you to want to sink your teeth into the bud.

Experience and Effects

Take a step into the paradise that is the Garden of Eden and discover the blissful feeling of being as close to perfection as humanly possible with the Forbidden Fruit strain. The otherworldly experience begins with the taste of sweet, honey-dipped fruit trickling down your throat and latching to every square inch of your tongue. The delectable flavor is even more profound during the exhale, as your body releases the sweet, fruity smoke from your lungs.

With a mild gasoline end note, the taste experience ends and the effects of the strain start to take place. At first, the gentle ebb of calm collectedness enters your mind in waves. The slow effects come in portions, but as it reaches its full impact, it overwhelms the body with an electrifying sense of relaxation that tingles at the ends of the hands and feet.

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Along with the physical impact, the strain also delivers pleasant cognitive release. The heady effects clear the mind of clutter and negative thoughts, allowing you to enter a state of total meditation. Clarity and focused cognition can be a wonderful way to explore new thoughts and ideas or simply examine the effects of the strain on your body as a whole.

Fast acting and long-lasting, taking a toke of Forbidden Fruit now means enjoying the blissful state of clarity that it brings hours after your last drag.

Growing and Processing

Contrary to its aroma after being harvested and dried, the Forbidden Fruit strain can smell particularly stinky as a plant. Growing it outdoors can help mitigate the stench and keep you from having to bask in its odor. Nonetheless, the herb does grow quite effortlessly indoors, with little risk of rot or fungal infection thanks to its robust immunity.

On average, the Forbidden Fruit cultivar will reach flowering within about 10 weeks’ time. The moderate harvest should let you collect around 4 ounces of bud for every foot that the plant grows which should be around 6 feet, give or take. The sticky, trichome enveloped nugs should be dense and heavy, coming in compact clusters that aren’t prone to break off and crumbs.

If you’re thinking of using the Forbidden Fruit strain as your raw ingredient for CBD products, it’s worth knowing that the plant’s intricate cannabinoid profile makes a wonderful base for a range of cannabis formulations. Hash, extracts, concentrates, and tinctures made from the Forbidden Fruit strain don’t only shine with the same potent benefits of the mother plant, but also come with a distinct fruity aroma that the herb is known for.

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Who Is It For?

If you’re just not feeling your best, then a bowl of the Forbidden Fruit might be exactly what you need. The succulent strain comes with a sweet, tropical flavor that’s guaranteed to lift your spirits the moment it graces your lips. As the cultivar takes effect, its blissful blend of benefits further uplift your being, making you feel like your brand new self within minutes of that first toke.

With its long lasting effects and its calming relaxation tied together with a meditative cognition, the Forbidden Fruit strain works well for users of all needs and preferences, making it the perfect go-to – whatever your reason.


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