Can You Fly with CBD Hemp Flower?

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Hemp flower legality has come a long, long way since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. But even with the leaps and bounds in hemp freedom, some aspects of hemp law remain clouded and murky. Case in point — traveling with hemp flower.

If you’re scheduled to fly and you’re thinking about taking your hemp flower with you, then it you might have to familiarize yourself with these specifics to make sure you’re not stepping on any regulations.


TSA Guidelines for Hemp Flower

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has tried to clear up the smoke regarding their rules and regulations for airline passengers hoping to take their hemp flower stash along with them.

Interestingly, the TSA reiterates that they don’t actively search for illegal substances. So this might reassure you that passengers packing hemp flowers aren’t the highest on the TSA’s list of priorities.

In fact, they’re more focused on finding and seizing items that put passengers at risk of immediate danger like explosives and firearms. But that’s not to say that they’d let your hemp flower slide without so much as a second look.

Although they don’t necessarily look for drugs and illegal substances, the TSA is legally obligated to report when they suspect that they might have found questionable substances.

And because there are no immediate, outstanding distinctions between hemp and marijuana, it’s easy to see why the TSA might flag your stash and call in the police during a search.

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Is It Legal to Fly with Hemp Flower?

The TSA did reiterate that hemp is federally legal and they’re not particularly keen on cracking down on hemp. Marijuana, of course, remains on the list of controlled substances. So if a TSA agent has any reason to believe that you’re carrying marijuana and not hemp, they’re obligated to report it.

The fact stands however that it is legal to fly with hemp flower if you’re traveling domestically. Laws outside of the United States vary widely when it comes to marijuana, so it pays to familiarize yourself with your destination’s regulations regarding hemp flower.

It’s also worth pointing out that some cities and states in the United States have their own laws concerning CBD flowers. So despite being federally legal, these local laws limit the use and possession of CBD flowers within their borders.


What Happens If a TSA Agent Finds Your CBD Flower?

That depends — do they have reason to think it’s marijuana? The tricky thing about taking CBD flowers with you on a plane is that there’s no immediate way to tell whether it’s hemp or marijuana.

Of course, you could reason your way out of it, but if the TSA agent insists that your stash is questionable, then they have every right to call in the police to perform an in-depth investigation.

Would they have reason to penalize you or lock you up? Not really. Unless they can prove that your stash contains more than 0.3% THC, there’s really nothing they can do aside from confiscating your hemp and probably holding you long enough so you miss your flight.

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Tips for Traveling with CBD Flower

If you really want to push it, there are ways that you can pass through security without all of the hassles. Keep in mind though that some of these tips might call for completely different products since CBD flower appears particularly questionable.

Pack Along the CoA’s

A certificate of analysis (CoA) provides a detailed report of the organic components of your hemp flower. Responsible, reputable hemp vendors provide these reports when you make a purchase or even simply on their website.

Carrying around a CoA with your hemp product makes it easier to prove yourself in case a TSA agent takes interest in your stash. It also doesn’t hurt to pack along any proofs of purchase, as well as receipts and original product packaging to support your claims.

Pack Just Enough

Aside from keeping the reports and receipts with you, it also helps to pack light. Consider how many days you plan to stay away from home. How much hemp flower would you need to cover your trip?

Bringing along the least possible amount of CBD flower should make it easier for you to pass through inspections without a fuss. Large quantities of questionable herbs are more than likely to tip off TSA agents, so packing light can help you slip right through the boarding process.

Try Gummies or Capsules

One clever hemp user detailed how they manage to pop in and out of airports and airplanes with their CBD stash untampered. And that’s by packing gummies, capsules, or gelcaps in completely different packaging.

A supplement bottle with different labels or even a medicine organizer all provides an excellent way to store your travel CBD needs without attracting any unwanted attention.

According to hemp enthusiasts, solid products and CBD-infused food items work best, since liquids like oils and tinctures are more likely to undergo more meticulous inspections.

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Skip Packing All Together

Are you headed to a locality where hemp is legal anyway? You can skip all the fuss by leaving your hemp at home altogether. You’re probably not going to be able to sneak in a dose while you’re 30,000 feet in the air anyway.

So instead of bringing along your own hemp, you might decide to buy a fresh pack once you land. That might seem uneconomical to you, but most vendors sell small packets that can satisfy your needs especially if you’re only staying for a few days.

Finally — Don’t Argue

If a TSA agent takes interest in your stash, don’t fight it. Of course, you can always try to prove your point. But there will be stubborn agents who will cling to their gut feel even when the facts are laid out in front of them.

In case you run into an agent of this kind, give up the ghost and do as they say. If they insist that they have reason to believe your stash is marijuana, simply following their rules and submitting to their processes can save you a world’s worth of hassle.

After all, the worst they can do is confiscate your CBD flower.


Over to You

Once you find your favorite CBD flower, it becomes tough to leave home without it. Even more so when you’re scheduled for a short trip. And while you might be able to fly with a little bit of CBD flower in tow, it pays to know the specifics.

Consider these tips the next time you plan to fly so you can take your coveted CBD flower stash with you minus the hassle and stress.

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