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Flow Garden Review – Everything you need to Know

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Flow Garden review

Flow Gardens is an indoor cultivation cannabis hemp farm that uses the hydroponic method for growing hemp plants in a liquid medium. It is also partnered with well-known grow lights maker HLG – Horticultural Lighting Group. Using the premium LED lighting from HLG, Flow Gardens uses its hydroponics expertise to create organic hemp flowers with intense flavor and potency.

It is one of the few companies that proudly displays its indoor facility via video. The video highlights how it uses the HLG lighting to maximum effect. It also showcases the meticulously maintained environment in which Flow Garden grows its produce. The company has a clean and sophisticated brand image that perfectly fits its technically accomplished method of growing hemp and cannabis.

Flow Garden seems to focus on selling wholesale, but there are also retail options for those who want to buy for personal consumption. CBD flowers, concentrates, gummies, and other derivatives are offered at the online store.

Flow Gardens has a bi-weekly harvest, showing how fast and agile an indoor hydroponics farm can be. However, this does not mean that there is any reduction in quality. Such is the expertise at work behind Flow Gardens’ hydroponic hemp.

Top Products from Flow Gardens

Flow Gardens emphasizes selling what it grows, and thus, the top-selling products are almost all flowers. These are followed by derivatives like gummies, rosin, tinctures, and processed products like pre-rolls.

What is missing is any synthetically created alt-cannabinoids or common hybrid products like vapes, where synthetic ingredients are mixed with natural hemp extract. Flow Gardens products are strictly natural, creating a safe haven for connoisseurs and medicinal users.

At the time of writing, the best-selling flowers are Bordeaux, Banana Mac, Flow, Cannatonic, and their various small buds and sugar leaf (trim/shake). Also popular are Bordeaux/Blueberry Muffin and Gelato artisan pre-rolls and rosin from various strains. Apart from these, there are concentrates like are dry-sift hash, special THCA rich strains, gummies, and some Flow Gardens merchandise like caps and hoodies.

Flow Garden products

Apart from the best-selling strains mentioned above, popular strains like Alpen Gleaux, Suver Haze, Purple Haze, Tennesse Tangie, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Grapefruit are also available. Flow Gardens is thus quite prolific when it comes to the strains that it produces and has a relatively wide range of flowers in its shop.

The gummies are the only products in the shop that do not come directly from the flowers. There are three main types to choose from – Delta-9, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum. The gummies are all vegan and come in assorted flavors. These are all based on carefully extracted cannabis concentrates and thus will create psychoactive results upon consumption.

Overall, FG is dedicated to creating some of the best and most potent cannabis hemp for its buyers and users. The product line shows a dedication to staying organic, natural, and avoiding synthetic cannabinoids like Delta-8 and others. As a legal cannabis grower, it does not need to rely on these synthetics.

What People Are Saying

The reviews on the website look genuine, with full names and organic variations in the comments, notable in the customer feedback sections. It shows a wide variety of buyers from various walks of life. The general tone is positive, with much praise offered for the fast shipping and great taste. Flow Gardens flowers seem to be high on the terpenes and the cannabinoids.

Some of the more popular strains like Banana Mac have reviewers inspired to poetry while describing the effects, aromas, and taste. Some of the reviews are very detailed, with long-term buyers praising how each batch of the same strain has improved in taste and potency.

Flow Garden review

Experienced users and connoisseurs have left glowing praise for the aroma, visual appeal, texture, and effects of best-selling flowers like Bordeaux. Based on their words, it seems clear that many buyers are repeat customers who are patiently waiting on the company to release fresh batches of their favorite strains.

The trim/shake from various strains has a lot of happy buyers, primarily because of the low cost. Buyers prefer to use it in their pre-rolls and bowls, mixed in with the premium nugs.

However, the pre-rolls from the company are full of top-shelf nugs and have no trim or shake in them. This is also highlighted in a few of the reviews. Apart from the great products and fast-shipping, FG also gets positive feedback for responsive and friendly customer service.

Flow Gardens Coupons and Discounts

Flow Gardens reserves its special deals, discounts, and coupons for its newsletter, as with most other sellers. Visitors are also treated to available discounts and offers, as long as stocks last. However, they are announced in advance via the newsletter, and some of the more popular items sell out fast because of it.

Flow Gardens Legal Compliance

Flow Gardens complies with the 2018 Farm Bill whenever applicable and only sells Delta-9 products to legal locations. It has public policy pages for shipping, terms of use, and returns/refunds. All flowers, pre-rolls, etc., come with genuine third-party certificates of analysis.


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