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There’s more than one way to skin a cat, or in this case, more than one way to enjoy your hemp. The market overflows with various forms of hemp products intended to satisfy every unique preference, taste, and need. And while pre-rolls, oils, and edibles dominate the forefront, hemp vape products take the shape of a dark horse.

According to some users and self-proclaimed experts, vaping hemp allows a more potent experience. Absorbed better into the lungs, vaping CBD hemp flower may help you enjoy your daily dose at a higher level of intensity.


Is Vaping Hemp Safe?

Safety should always be a major concern when trying something new like vaping. According to experts, while it’s not necessarily harmless, vaping could be safer than smoking hemp flowers.

Now, before you worry about potential risks, it’s important to mention that vaping hemp hasn’t been around long enough for people to identify any real threats. So because the evidence and research are lacking, no one can confirm or deny whether this method of CBD flower use is actually entirely safe.

But that’s the only reason why experts can’t call it ‘harmless’ — because they haven’t observed it enough. Presently, however, it’s widely accepted that vaping may present a safer way to enjoy hemp versus smoking.

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When you smoke hemp flowers, you inevitably have to burn the plant matter. While it’s completely organic and natural, the hemp flower still produces harmful byproducts when it combusts. That’s why you get the smoke.

Mixed together with all of those cannabinoids and terpenes are various chemicals that do harm to your lungs. And when it all boils down to it, smoke is smoke and shouldn’t be in your system too often.

Vaporizing hemp flower entails turning the plant matter into vapor. This does not require combustion or flame, and produces fewer byproducts and thus no smoke. It’s also said to more effectively preserve the cannabinoids in the flower to give you an elevated experience.

Because it intensifies the effects by keeping terpenes and cannabinoids in good condition, vaping hemp also allows users to take smaller doses without sacrificing the benefits that they get.


How to Vape Hemp Flower

Not everyone is familiar with the process of vaping. And because you could dampen the effects with improper technique, it’s vital that you familiarize yourself with the vaping steps so you can get the most out of every dose.

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Warm Up Your Vape

It’s important to heat up your vape to the right temperature in order to coax out the effects. Heat it too much and you could damage the plant chemistry. Heat it too low and you risk getting reduced benefits.

According to experts, a temperature between 360°F and 380°F proves to be ideal for vaporizing hemp flowers. If you’re slightly more experienced with hemp and you enjoy more pronounced effects, then you can up the ante to about 400°F.

Keep in mind that some vapes don’t have a temperature control feature. So it will heat up to the temp that the vape allows without giving you any ability to make adjustments. In this case, you’re just going to have to trust that your vape will do the job well.

Prepare Your Hemp Flower

Now that your vape is at the right temperature, you can prepare your hemp flower. Grind up some of the buds and make sure to leave out any stalks, stems, or seeds that could negatively affect the experience.

Depending on your tolerance, you could go with any amount between 0.25g and 0.5g. You can stuff the prepared herb into the chamber, making sure that it’s not too cramped or compressed so that every little particle gets evenly heated.

Get Vaping

With the vape at the right heat and your flower packed and loaded, it’s time to get vaping. Pucker your lips against the mouthpiece and draw out the vapor from the vaping tool.

You should be able to taste the cannabinoids and terpenes at a higher, more accurate level. If anything tastes burnt or too bitter, then you might have to check the chamber and the plant matter for possible contaminants.

Otherwise, you should be good to go. Make sure to pace yourself. Unlike smoking a pre-roll or a joint, vaping will not burn up your hemp flower. So there’s no need to rush, allowing you to take in each draw with better control and enjoyment.


Benefits of Vaping Hemp

It’s more than just a cool way to take your daily hemp dose. Vaping presents a number of benefits that could make it an ideal choice for users looking to maximize their hemp flower encounter.

  • Higher potency – If you want to experience the effects of hemp without having to bump up your dose every time, vaping could help.More cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved when vaping versus when smoking or eating the substance, allowing you to feel the fullness of the plant’s effects more intensely.
  • image of benefits of vaping hempAccurate flavor representation – Vaping hemp flower saves terpenes from damage and degradation. You can’t really say this about smoking hemp flower, which destroys terpenes and cannabinoids with combustion.

By keeping the terpenes intact, vaping hemp makes it possible for users to pick up on those distinct flavors that make each hemp strain unique.

  • Economical use – How much do you spend on smoking paraphernalia? Probably not a lot up front, but when you calculate the cost long-term, you’ll probably come up to a pretty hefty sum.

Of course, vaping tools aren’t necessarily free either. Nevertheless, vaping allows you to use the same tool over and over without much waste. Vaping also means that you can save up on the flower itself since the process requires smaller amounts of CBD hemp.


A New Way to Enjoy Hemp Flower

Well, it’s technically not new. But if you’ve been smoking hemp thus far, it might be time to experiment with new methods. Vaping hemp expands your horizons and helps improve the experience you get out of every hemp dose.

Just make sure to follow these steps to maximize your favorite flower’s chemistry and to truly taste the remarkable flavors of dynamic CBD hemp flower strains.

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