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Eucalyptol Terpene Isolate

Eucalyptol Terpene Isolate

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The secondary terpene eucalyptol is the distinctive aroma in the eucalyptus tree, but it can also be found in a few earthy herbs. Initially, scientists were only interested in this terpene for its potential as an antifungal agent, but now it shows promise as an anti-inflammatory compound. Not only that, new scientific research suggests eucalyptol might help with allergies, sinus issues, and even Alzheimer’s disease. This terpene is sometimes referred to as “cineol” in scientific literature.

  • Chemical composition: The monoterpene eucalyptol has a chemical structure of C10H18O.
  • Aroma: For those who’ve never smelled a eucalyptus tree or eucalyptus oil, it’s a bit difficult to describe eucalyptol’s unique aroma. A few words users sometimes use to define eucalyptol’s aromatics include “minty,” “earthy,” and “woodsy.” There are trace elements of eucalyptol in herbs such as bay leaves, tea tree, and mugwort, but it’s most dominant in fresh eucalyptus oil.
  • Effects: Chemical manufacturers have been interested in eucalyptus oil’s antibacterial and antifungal potential for decades. While it appears eucalyptol might be able to confer some of these benefits on humans, cannabis researchers claim there needs to be more research into eucalyptol’s full healing potential. A growing body of evidence suggests eucalyptol could play a positive role in the treatment of many chronic diseases like colitis, respiratory issues, and even Alzheimer’s. The reason for eucalyptol’s healing ability might have to do with its anti-inflammatory properties. As with most other terpenes, research into eucalyptol’s potential medicinal benefits is ongoing. Eucalyptol’s official vaporizing temperature is 348°F.
  • Hemp Forms: ACDC
  • Other Strains: Super Silver Haze and Girl Scout Cookies

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