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With a blend of tropical fruit fragrances blissfully wafting from each of its brightly colored nugs, the Easy Ryder cannabis flower strain can zap you straight to the shores of an untouched tropical paradise. Calming, sedating, and gently uplifting, this cultivar can make smiling, socializing, and sleeping effortless and automatic. So, take it slow, keep it steady, and enjoy the cool and breezy benefits of a strain that works hard to deserve its name.

The Origins of Easy Ryder

This relaxed, laid-back cultivar comes from the killer combination of Lowryder #2 and AK-47. Both equally formidable in their own right, these two parent strains are 90’s cannabis classics that came about during what many purists call the prime of the cannabis industry.

Lowrdyer #2 made its mark in the cut-throat cannabis market by being the first auto flowering strain made publicly available. This made it possible for growers to cut cultivation time in half without sacrificing yield amount or quality. For that reason, the indica-leaning Lowryder #2 has fathered countless other strains as growers try to leverage its quick-growing qualities.

AK-47 on the other hand is a sativa-biased strain that’s beloved for its jumpy, energetic effects. The herbal, pepper, pine flavor combination also bids well for those who best enjoy their cannabis when it plays with the taste buds.

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The Effects of Easy Ryder

Sharp and fast-acting, Easy Ryder is a cannabis flower strain that rushes through your system without a moment to lose. After that first toke, its thick cloud of sweetly bitter smoke courses through the lungs and straight to the head where it works to lift away mental clutter to bring you to new levels of cognitive clarity.

Body-wise, the strain does add weight to the extremities, giving you a palpably heavier feeling in the arms and legs that may hinder the desire to move. In some cases where larger doses are used, Easy Ryder can also inspire socialization, making your jaws feel a little more flappy than usual.

With much lower CBD levels than the typical strain, Easy Ryder can be a good choice for low tolerance users who like being lucid and self-aware as the effects of the cannabis take over the rest of the system.

The Easy Ryder Flavor Profile

Like a fresh, sliced piece of succulent tropical fruit, the Easy Ryder strain is sticky and sweet, letting out the strong fragrance of citrus, fruits, and berries to bring you a refreshing aroma of a beachfront tropical paradise. Its exterior – covered in a tacky layer of crystallized trichomes – boasts beautifully saturated colors. Blues, purples, and pinks peek through the pale and forest green foreground, creating a nug that just begs to be plucked out of the shelf.

When you first take a hit, the flavors of citrus and tropical fruit take center stage, demanding your full attention and holding it in place as the strong bitterness of jet engine fuel creeps ever so gently round back. Midway through the experience, the strong flavors reach an equilibrium. The power struggle lasts well after the smoke exists your system, as the flavors linger on the surface of the tongue and caress your taste buds while you drift off towards island paradise relaxation.

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