Dutch Treat Cannabis Strain Review

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No self-respecting Amsterdam coffee shop would ever find itself without the Dutch Treat. Sometimes regarded as the most popular strain in the hemp capital of the world, Dutch Treat is a sweet, sticky strain that’s well-balanced, invigorating, and incredibly flavorful. The delicious cannabinoid rich herb lifts away stress and tension, and increases energy to give you that extra boost you need to see you through a tiring day.

Exceptionally fruity and with slight notes of mint, the Dutch Treat hemp strain works hard to earn its name. Plus, because she’s easy to grow, the cultivar has become quite popular among those in search of a suitable starter strain for farming.

The Origins of Dutch Treat

There’s not a lot of information on the history of the Dutch Treat. In fact, there’s serious debate surrounding the strain’s enigmatic heritage. Most experts contest that because of its Amsterdam coffee shop popularity and its namesake, it was developed somewhere in the Netherlands. However, some researchers have found that it might not have been native there at all.

Examinations of the Dutch Treat history reveal that it first popped on the scene way back in 1992, through one of the most popular hemp development facilities in British Columbia, Canada. From there, it’s believed that the hemp was transported to the Netherlands where it was kept safe from the perilous reformations occurring throughout the hemp industry during the time.

Whether the Dutch Treat strain was a native to the Netherlands, or if it came from a completely different country altogether, one thing is certain – people dig it and its strong genetics have been more than enough to rocket it to hemp market stardom.

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Appearance and Aroma

To be frank, the Dutch Treat strain doesn’t have a lot going for it look-wise. The basic nugs resemble your average everyday budget cultivar. Green and brown blend together for a deep organic colorway, and delicate orange hairs envelope the nugs for added texture and color. Other than that, however, there’s not much else that makes the Dutch Treat stand out in a crowd of hemp. So, if you’re a newbie who bases decisions of off bag-appeal, then it might be hard to appreciate what Dutch Treat brings to the table.

If you do end up giving the strain a chance however, it definitely alters those first impressions with its dynamic aroma. For as flat as the strain might be in terms of looks, it makes up for it with fragrance. The strong fruity scent blends together all of your favorite tropical fruit, with the strong aroma of sweet nectar linking all the different notes together for a cocktail of satisfying scents.

With hints of grape here and there, and strong orange and berry creating a symphony for the sense of smell, the Dutch Treat gives justice to its name, proving that it is, in fact, a wild, holistic sensory treat that engages the nose with full force.

Experience and Effects

Once lit and puffed, the Dutch Treat gives off thick, dense clouds of opaque smoke that leave a film of grit throughout the mouth. Itchy as it passes through the throat, the sweet smoke comes with a tinge of organic bitterness, resembling the taste of burning wood or coal. As you exhale, the smoke smoothens out and loses that initial grainy texture, allowing a more seamless feel as it exits your lungs.

Dutch Treat is neither fast acting nor slow, taking just the right amount of time to reach its gradual crescendo. The effects come in waves, and are highly palpable, letting you follow the changes as they come for a truly lucid experience. The first thing you might notice is how it lifts away cognitive distress. Clearing away the troubles that might bog down your mind, this strain paves the way for carefree mentality that can help improve your outlook.

Deeper into the experience, the strain then gradually works on your energy levels, taking you from that feeling of weakness and tiredness and thrusting you into a sudden creative fever that might put you on your feet. But even with the added boost of vigor, the strain doesn’t go overboard. Controlled and calm, the gentle increase of energy can be highly manageable, letting you go about your day with collected cognition and organized action.

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Growing and Processing

Another reason why Dutch Treat has become so widespread in Amsterdam is the fact that it’s probably one of the easiest strains to grow. With genetics that allow even the least experienced farmers to successfully achieve a bountiful harvest, the Dutch Treat strain is exactly the opposite of temperamental.

The strain thrives well in most conditions, and may be well suited to indoor growth because of its short stature. Growing just around 3 feet in height or less, the strain can be a suitable pick if you’re in search of something that you can grow indoors even if you don’t have a lot of space. Nonetheless, farming outdoors can be equally rewarding and easy, especially because of the strain’s unfastidious nutritional and growth needs.

High yield and quick to grow, there’s a lot of reasons why farmers might want to try their hand with the Dutch Treat strain. And because of its s

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