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Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Review

January 12, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Review

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain

Hailing from the home of the busiest port in South Africa, Durban Poison is a sweet, fruity cannabis strain that brings solid sativa effects. The lip-smacking cultivar delivers with its clouds of thick, sticky smoke a sense of productivity, creativity, and concentration for a hard-hitting energy boost that should see you through your work day – and well afterwards.

Dense, oversized, frosted nugs give the Durban Poison strain undeniable bag appeal, making it an easy choice if you’re all about the looks. But for discriminating connoisseurs, Durban Poison has become the ultimate go-to for that fully lucid trip that keeps you at the helm.


Durban Poison Lineage

The Durban Poison cultivar comes from the virgin African landrace. Simply put, this means that the strain was developed by the cultivation efforts of people who stumbled upon untouched African cannabis that grew naturally in the wild. A few minor tweaks here and there produced subtle changes in the original parent cannabis, and that’s where Durban Poison essentially came from.

That said, the strain doesn’t have a dual parent lineage like other varieties have. It isn’t a hybrid, and is simply an altered version of its single African landrace ancestor. As a result, Durban Poison is 100% sativa, lending awakening effects that fully encapsulate the properties of its heritage.


Durban Poison Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

Durban Poison is about as pure as it gets – and its appearance sheds light on just how close to wild the strain is. The beautiful, chunky nugs glisten and sparkle with the crystallized appeal of trichomes that coat the entire exterior of the leafy bud. Tiny, whitish hairs project from every surface of the sample, giving it a fuzzy look that adds dimension and dynamism to its eye-popping appearance.

While it might look incredibly alluring from the outside of the bag, cracking the pack open releases the seductive fragrance of sticky, sweet fruit. Tinges of mint and herbs add spice to the wafting melody of aromatic goodness, reeling you in by engaging your olfactories with a scent that’s nothing short of heavenly.


Durban Poison terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Durban Poison strain releases, dense, puffy clouds of smoke that scrape the throat and leave a thin film around the soft tissues of the mouth. The woody, organic taste of cannabis can be pretty overwhelming at the start, as the smoke coats your palate in its thick, grassy flavor. But once you get past that phase, the cultivar takes on a more fruity flavor with the tangy sourness of citrus front and center.

Hints of mint, herbs, and pepper ring gently in the background, creating a dynamic flavor that’s just as lively as the bud’s effects. And at the end, a twang of gasoline sucker punches you in the back of the throat, rounding off the entire experience for a complete spectrum of flavor.

In terms of the strain’s effects, Durban Poison isn’t any less intricate. The heady experience first resonates in your mind, clearing away mental clutter to pave the way for razor sharp clarity and concentration. As your mind is restructured for productivity, the rest of your body experiences a strong, tingly buzz that courses through your spine, arms, and legs, giving you the feeling of overflowing energy just begging to be let out.

The effects are pretty fast acting, and they last for quite a while. Creative and concentrated, the Durban Poison strain is beloved by cannabis connoisseurs for its lucid effects that don’t intoxicate or overpower your system. With zero trace of couch-lock, this cultivar keeps you completely in control, awake, and alert so you can go about your day with that extra kick of energy.


Durban Poison cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Durban Poison is perhaps one of the most gratifying strains for first-time growers. Taking just 7 to 9 weeks to reach full maturity, the cultivar can yield 3 ounces of bud for every foot in height that it grows. And because the plant can grow well over 6.5 feet, you can expect lots of payback for just a short period of care.

Like most other strains, Durban Poison thrives best in Mediterranean climates. Warmth and little moisture help the plant thrive, so keeping it in full sun or partial shade should help heighten its effects and flavor profile. Another thing that makes it particularly ideal if you’re thinking of trying your hand at cultivation is the fact that it isn’t easily susceptible to fungal growths and other infections which are threats that may require advanced skill.

For more experienced cultivators, the Durban Poison strain makes a good choice for crossbreeding. The inbred cultivar is native and pure, more likely to demonstrate its genetics in enhanced ways when crossed with other varieties. Simply put, intermingling Durban Poison with any other strain is likely to produce an even expression of their corresponding properties.

Once fully mature, the Durban Poison strain provides beautiful, large nugs that are loosely packed and coated in a sticky layer of trichomes. Because of its oversized samples and its excessive coating, Durban Poison is often considered the perfect specimen for concentrate extraction.


Similar Strains

The Durban Poison strain has quite a few cousins on the cannabis market that closely resemble its effects and flavor. Here are some other picks worth checking out if you’re loving Durban Poison so far:



Who’s It For?

The Durban Poison strain is versatile and balanced, making it an excellent strain for a variety of needs and preferences. The lucid experience means that even rookies can enjoy its impact without worry of intoxication, couch-lock, or drowsiness. Highly cerebral and incredibly cognitive, the effects of the strain pave the way for razor sharp concentration that increases productivity so you can get shit done. So whether its a busy day or an all-nighter, the cultivar makes an excellent choice.

Other than that, Durban Poison does have a few benefits for your physical being. For starters, it has mild to moderate advantages against bodily tension and discomfort. Many of those who deal with the blues also claim that the strain works well to manage negative feelings and thoughts for a more balanced, positive outlook and mental state.

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