Diamond CBD Vendor Review

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Carrying several dozens of different CBD and hemp products from an assortment of the most popular brands, Diamond CBD brings online customers every fanciful CBD formulation they can dream of. But as you might know, variety isn’t everything.

While their range of products can definitely seem blinding, Diamond CBD’s flashy reputation is tainted by questionable marketing tactics that could disenchant most customers.

Diamond CBD Overview

For the record, Diamond CBD is a full-fledged head shop brand, which says a lot about what you might expect from the company. Trends teach us that head shop brands use flashy packaging and enticing marketing to snag customers.

But all together, they prey on buyers who either have a shallow understanding of hemp products, or those who need a quick fix and have nowhere else to turn. Thus, they make their selection available across various smoke shops, convenience stores, and gasoline stations to maintain their accessibility.


With Diamond CBD, that remains true. The vendor holds serious prominence because of how widespread their products are. They also make sure to achieve a level of appeal by taking the time to carefully design their product packaging.

And while it is true that Diamond CBD’s products are kind of expensive, they seem to satisfy their customers nonetheless. Their wide range of products feature slightly steeper prices, but receive extensive support from their cult following, often dubbed ‘worth the cost.’

Diamond CBD Product Selection and Prices

On its website, Diamond CBD offers a range of products from various brands. They carry almost every other head shop name out there, including several of their sister companies.

However, despite the wide range, their Diamond CBD range remains one of the most popular on their shelves. Their name brand products include edibles, vape oils, creams, oils, concentrates, capsules, bath and body products, and pet products.

Their top-selling products include:

  • Unflavored CBD Oil 1000mg
  • OBroad Spectrum + Melatonin CBD Gummies
  • CBD Bath Bomb in Warm Vanilla Sugar
  • CBD Bath Salts
  • CBD Lip Balm

Other honorable mentions include their concentrates and capsules. When it comes to prices, of course, you should prep your wallet for a bit of a beat down if you ever decide to make a purchase at Diamond CBD.

For instance, their CBD oil retails for $44.99 for the unflavored 550mg bottle. That totals about 0.92mg/drop, at an amount of about 600 drops per bottle. And because the average dose for a CBD user would be between 2-6mg of CBD per kilogram of weight, it’s easy to see how that nearly $50 oil probably won’t last a week.


What Do Customers Have to Say?

There’s quite a wealth of customer-generated feedback about Diamond CBD online. On Google and their own website, the vendor has accumulated thousands of reviews that average 4.6 stars out of 5 — a truly remarkable feat.

What customers appreciate best about the vendor is that they provide quality products that deliver consistent effects. Sure, there are a few negative comments about pricing, but the majority of their customers seem to find the cost just right.

Head on over to Trustpilot however, and there’s a bit of a change of wind. Granted Diamond CBD reviews on Trustpilot remain limited, the small pool of feedback provides a different perspective on the vendor’s services.

While there aren’t a lot of negative comments about the quality of their products, the vendor gets a lot of smack regarding their marketing practices. According to customers who have left feedback on Trustpilot, the vendor tends to spam buyers with emails and text messages.

The sentiment reverberates throughout the reviews they’ve received on Google, albeit at a lower intensity. Nevertheless, customers who don’t enjoy getting their inboxes filled with promotional material might find Diamond CBD’s excessive marketing efforts to be a little unsavory.

Diamond CBD Coupons and Discounts

Everyone’s looking for ways to cut back on the cost of their CBD haul, especially since most users have to buy these products repeatedly. Diamond CBD seems to understand the plight of their customers, and so they offer a number of ways to save.

Mailing lists and text message alerts are just two of the ways through which buyers can get discounts. Their brand also offers free shipping on orders $100 and over. And just like many other CBD vendors, Diamond CBD makes discounts more accessible with their rewards program.

Their loyalty program features a tiered system that lets you earn more points the higher you go up the rankings. Diamond tier members earn 10 points for every dollar spent, and these can be converted to discounts and promos down the line.

On top of that, Diamond CBD also provides customers the option to subscribe to a monthly package. This lets you choose which products you want to receive monthly. The discounted bundle gets sent straight to your doorstep and is charged directly from your enrolled account so you don’t have to keep coming back to place an order.


Should You Buy From Diamond CBD?

All things considered; Diamond CBD’s issues don’t really drop them from the list of viable options. When it comes right down to it, they offer good quality products, responsive customer support, and consistent quality that you can rely on.

If your budget doesn’t go as far, then Diamond CBD’s products might not be for you. But then again, if money is no object or if you’re looking for CBD products to satisfy your need for a quick fix, then Diamond CBD might just be what you need.

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